Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon first aired on the 4th of October 2003 and continued for 49 episodes, the last of which aired on the 25th September 2004. The conclusion to the series, featuring the long awaited wedding of Usagi and Mamoru was released on DVD in the form of the Special Act on the 16th of October 2004 and a few months later on the 25th of March 2005 Act Zero was released Live Action Sailor Moon: Opening Credits / Titlealso on DVD featuring a prequel Act to the series focusing on Sailor V with cameos from all the main characters from the series in events that happened prior to Act 1.

The live action show is an interesting creature. While at times it can seem as if it's the manga come to life in terms of accuracy, every so often, and especially towards the second half of the series, the writers become much more ambitious and proceed into a much more emotionally complex area of Sailor Moon that neither the manga, anime nor even the musicals have taken us yet. For the first time in Sailor Moon history we see Ami and Rei deal with the lack of parenting in their lives Live Action Sailor Moon: Opening Credits / Titleand actually meet Ami's mother and Rei's father (and mother in a flashback) giving us a much more real image of the girls. Minako is forced to deal with a life threatening illness, the effects of which exposes the viewer to a much darker Minako than we're used to. Makoto is given some serious romantic development and even Mamoru gets some much needed sub-plots with an upcoming wedding (not to Usagi!) and a closer look at his relationship with the four generals (who also get their moments, individually, to shine).

Moments such as the turning of a Sailor Soldier, the death of another, a lovers' fight Live Action Sailor Moon: Opening Credits / Titleto the finish and the ultimate tragic finale stand as not just highlights of this live action rendition of the Sailor Moon mythos but also fan favourite Sailor Moon moments regardless of the media. Moonies who were disappointed when certain manga elements weren't implemented in the anime will be pleased to see many used here. Many will be intrigued by the original characters created solely for this version, ala Hina, Mio and Sailor Luna and everyone will be sucked into the new, yet familiar world of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


The main series is split up into three main story arcs. The first arc spanning Act 1 to Act 12 features the introductions of most of the Live Action Sailor Moon: main characters and sticks very closely to the manga and anime storyline.

The second story arc, spanning from Act 13 to Act 28 goes in a more original direction with the main focus being on Sailor Mercury's turn to the dark side and her redemption.

The final arc begins with Act 29 and runs for the remainder of the series and follows the awakening of Princess Sailor Moon, Usagi and Mamoru's relationship and the evolution of the characters.
Several DVD specials were produced and I have added these to the episode listing in chronological order to make reading the guide more logical for a first time viewer. For example Act Zero was the final episode produced but it is set before any of the other episodes so I have listed it first.

I hope you like this Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode guide and find it both useful and entertaining. Of course if you like what you see, why not check out a few of the DVDs for the full experience.

Act Zero - Act 1 - Act 2 - Act 3 - Act 4 - Act 5 - Act 6 - Act 7 - Act 8 - Act 9 - Act 10 - Act 11 - Act 12 - Act 13 - Act 14 - Act 15 - Act 16 - Act 17 - Act 18 - Act 19 - Act 20 - Act 21 - Act 22 - Act 23 - Act 24 - Act 25 - Act 26 - Act 27 - Act 28 - Kirari Super Live - Act 29 - Act 30 - Act 31 - Act 32 - Act 33 - Act 34 - Act 35 - Act 36 - Act 37 - Act 38 - Act 39 - Act 40 - Act 41 - Act 42 - Act 43 - Act 44 - Act 45 - Act 46 - Act 47 - Act 48 - Final Act - Hina... Afterwards - Tuxedo Mask Origin Story - Special Act - Super Dance Lesson

Opening and Closing Credits

Throughout the series, several opening and closing credits were used. Here you'll find information and pictures concerning all of them. Enjoy!

Opening Credits 1 - Opening Credits 2 - Opening Credits 3
Closing Credits 1 - Closing Credits 2
Kirari Super Live Closing Credits
Special Act Opening Credits / Closing Credits
Act Zero Opening Credits


Instead of closing credits like the anime, the live action version had small, five second bumpers attached to the end of the episodes. These are the four that were used during the initial tv run.

Bumper 1 - Bumper 2 - Bumper 3 - Bumper 4

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