Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 45

Aired: 21st August 2004

Minako has been taken to the hospital. Ami and Makoto are waiting outside and decide not to tell Usagi as they think she has enough on her mind already with trying to control her emotions and the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Usagi calls Ami to see what she's doing and Ami tells Usagi that Minako is in the hospital but she's doing all right where in reality she has required more special care than she's ever needed before. She tells Usagi that they're all busy and will talk to her later.

In the hospital, Artemis is very concerned for Minako and finally tells her that she needs to take the surgery because he's worried about her. Minako jokes that that sounded like a confession of love but Artemis is serious. He tells her that she needs to forget about the mission and Sailor Venus and look after Minako Aino.
Minako tells him that she's disappointed in him for not believing in their mission and tells him to leave. Artemis is shocked but leaves Minako by herself.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Makoto, who had been standing outside the room heard the entire conversation and is shocked to know that Minako is actually dying. She asks Minako if it's true and Minako tells Makoto it is and that she doesn't want to waste her time worrying about the present as their past mission is more important.

Makoto is impressed with how brave Minako is and tells her that she also believes the past is important as because of it she understands why she is now alone, because it was decided in her past life.

At school the next day, Usagi shocked to see the majority of her classmates missing. Miss Haruna tells them that lots of people have been ending up in comas and tells them all to be careful. Two of Usagi's friends ask her what they should be careful of but Miss Haruna tells them she doesn't know.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite is in Zoicite's room, morning him as he closes his piano for the final time. Mamoru enters and asks Jadeite if her heard Zoicite's final message and tells him that Kunzite has killed himself to free himself of Beryl's curse. He begins to lament how it is the generals who are suffering when suddenly his chest begins to hurt as the stone in it drains more of his energy. Mamoru collapses onto the floor. Jadeite leaves him alone, suffering.

Elsewhere, Queen Beryl is furious at Queen Metallia and tells her that she will not let her destroy her world.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Meanwhile just outside Yoyogi Park in Harajuku, Motoki is walking with Nephrite after doing some shopping and stops at a small stand selling charms. Motoki sees a small turtle protection charm and decides to buy it. After buying it he notices Nephrite looking at some rings and gives him some money as his salary at Crown is all going into replacing what he's broken. Motoki is shocked when Nephrite actually thanks him and picks up a giant pair of bull horns. Motoki realises that he's buying them as a thank you present for Ami for the cookies she cooked the other day and tells him that it's probably not the best present. Nephrite really likes the horns though.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At Rei's temple, Nana the little girl from Act 10 and a male friend are upset. Rei asks them what's wrong and then sees both of their mother's lying on the ground with eyes open in a coma.

Elsewhere, Luna senses a Youma and tells all the Sailor Soldiers to battle it. Makoto and Minako are first to arrive though while Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter, Minako seems unable to become Sailor Venus! Sailor Jupiter fights the super powerful Youma who seems to have revived but is no match for it. Luckily Sailor Luna and Sailor Mercury arrive and fight it off.

Elsewhere, while running to join her friends, Rei is confronted by Mio.

Usagi hasn't been told about the battle to keep her emotionally safe and is alone in the Crown Karaoke room.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back at the fight scene, things aren't going very well. Minako is still unable to transform and Sailor Luna and Sailor Mercury have been blasted off their feet and forced to de-transform back into their civilian forms.

All of a sudden the power of Queen Metallia leaves the Dark Kingdom right in front of Queen Beryl's eyes and goes right into the Youma. Seeing this as her chance to destroy Metallia and complete her past life's mission, Sailor Jupiter runs up and holds the Youma in place as the skies above Tokyo become stormy. Sailor Jupiter summons a powerful lightning bolt that fires down from the skies... Minako yells out for her to stop as she'll kill herself.

Usagi senses something while alone in the karaoke room.

Motoki drops his turtle charm.

Minako screams out Makoto's name.

Interesting Facts

Strangely enough this episode featured both the first bumper as well as the new fourth one at the end of the episode.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #12 Cover

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