Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 46

Aired: 28th August 2004

Usagi has sensed something having happened to Makoto and runs to the scene of the battle but just finds a steaming hole in the ground where the explosion was. Out of nowhere staggers an injured Luna who collapses into Usagi's arms.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In Minako's hotel room, Minako is looking after Makoto who has just awoken. Minako explains how she's lucky to have survived that and if the Youma didn't push her away at the last second she would have been killed. Makoto says that she's disappointed that she failed her mission but says she would be okay with dying as her present life doesn't matter, only her life as Sailor Jupiter which would be reborn again in the future anyway.

Minako tells her that she's being ridiculous as her present life is important and completely different from her own life. Makoto tells her that life is life and all life is equally important. Minako starts to realise that Rei may be right with her opinion on the past and mentions this to Makoto.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Minako then asks Makoto who Motoki is and says that she said his name while she was unconscious. Makoto is shocked to hear this. Minako tells her that she's not alone after all so perhaps she was wrong with her assumption that she had to be alone because of her past life. Her present is important as well.

At Rei's temple, Artemis who had gone there after Minako threw him out is cooking food for Nana and the boy who's mothers are in a coma. Suddenly he realises that the two children are watching him walk and talk. They ask him if he can talk and he tells them that he can but it's a secret and then asks them what they want to do.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mio has brought Rei to see Mamoru purely to entertain herself. Mio explains that bringing Usagi would have been too risky and Rei had a lot of power within her so bringing her was easy.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Rei tell Mamoru that he should return to Usagi but he explains that he's staying here out of choice. She says that he's trapped in the past like everyone else but he explains the past can't be ignored and that they have to deal with the past so they can get on with the present. This shocks Rei as she'd never though of the two time periods coexisting before.

Suddenly Jadeite appears and attacks Rei. Mamoru tells her to protect Usagi. She promises and he teleports her back to Tokyo with a swish of his cape. Mamoru then doubles over in pain as the stone is triggered by his thoughts of Usagi. On the wall behind him, an image of him is appearing in the painting about the fireplace. Before it was simply a glow, but now it is a detailed picture.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In Tokyo the super Youma has revived and begun draining everyone's energy from not only in Tokyo but then entire country! Ami and Rei run to fight and transform.

Makoto runs into Motoki who is struggling to stay concious on her way to fight with the others. She kneels down and begs him to wake up. Weakly he gives her the turtle protective charm he bought for her and passes out. Makoto finally understands how she feels about Motoki and realises that she didn't awaken as a Soldier because she remembered being alone in the past. She awakened because she realised she wasn't alone in the present.

Meanwhile, Artemis has gone to get Minako and taken her to Rei's temple. He shows her the two children he had been looking after who are sitting at the temple steps and singing Cest La Ve, Minako's first big hit. Artemis explains that even if she does die Minako Aino will live on in this world. She was here and she is just as important as Sailor Venus. Artemis then tells her that he loves Minako Aino.

Minako begins to cry as she continues to watch the children and tears run down her face.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back at the fight scene, Sailor Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are getting beaten rather well. Much to their surprise, Minako arrives and tells the Youma to stop what he's doing. Sailor Jupiter tells her to run as she can't transform. Rei, who didn't know this immediately looks worried for Minako.

All of a sudden, Minako begins to glow a bright gold. She then yells out "Venus Power Make Up!" and transforms into Sailor Venus! She has awoken the Sailor Soldier within! She cartwheels and takes the battle outside and stops to summon a brand new attack, Venus Rolling Heart Vibration!

Live Action Sailor Moon: The blast knocks Metallia out of the Youma's body. Sailor Moon then arrives and all five Sailor Soldiers perform Moonlight Attractive Attack which finally, completely destroys the Youma.

Sailor Moon then transforms into Princess Sailor Moon and heals the planet, plants and people, reviving everyone who was in a coma.

Motoki wakes up and vaguely remembers giving the new turtle to Makoto.

Nana and the boy run and hug their revived mothers.

Moments later, Usagi runs to the hospital as a heals Naru exits. Naru thanks Usagi for saving them all and told her that she knew she would.

Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako walk off together. Ami misses Usagi who she thinks should be with them. Minako tells Rei that she's decided to get the surgery but because she decided as Minako Aino, not because Rei told her too. Makoto has attached Motoki's turtle charm to her purse. They are all happy.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Venus' fresh new attack Venus Rolling Heart Vibration premiered in this episode.

Sailor Venus was the only Sailor Soldier to actually awaken her Soldier power while in her civilian form.

The turtle charm Motoki purchased is but one example of a massive market of such trinkets in Japan. Those charms are normally placed on things from mobile phones to wallets to handbags and come in all sizes and designs such as anime characters, traditional Japanese charms and even make-up accessories.

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