Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 47

Aired: 4th September 2004

In her hotel room, Minako is getting ready to leave for her pre-operation examination. Artemis offers to go with her but she says it's okay as she's only going for an examination. She then gives him a box and says in it is her new single that she wants him to listen to as she's really proud of it. Suddenly it opens and a toy lion pops out. Artemis flies across the room in shock. She then gives him the real cd. Minako says goodbye and walks out of the hotel, looking at the world around her as a giant white light envelopes her.

Live Action Sailor Moon: One day earlier, Minako is in the Crown Karaoke room with Ami, Makoto and Rei. The three girls have decided to do a big welcome back party for her after her operation. She then tells them that as a thank you she'll bring her new cd as well. They think they should tell Usagi but Minako says it'll be a better surprise if they don't tell her. They then all mimic the face Usagi will make when she finds out about the song.

Minako then says goodbye to them all and leaves. As Rei watches Minako leave she gets a strange feeling.

Minako then meets up with Usagi and tells her that she'll see her at the party the day after tomorrow and that she may hear her song before it's officially released next week.

Back in the present, Minako leaves Artemis in the hotel room and is then shown wearing a white dress and walking down a bright white hallway.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is watching Queen Metallia who has now developed her own voice and is determined to destroy the world. Beryl summons Jadeite and tells him to use a Youma to absorb Metallia's energy from the planet. Jadeite says that doing so could damage the planet but Beryl says if they don't it will be completely destroyed.

In Mamoru's quarters, Mio is taunting Mamoru over how his life is being drained away by the stone and that telling by the picture on the wall which is pretty much complete, he will be dead soon. Mio promises that when they have rule over the Earth they will name the most beautiful part after him. Mamoru tells her that Beryl will not get the planet Earth.

Mio asks if he thinks it will be destroyed but Mamoru says that he doesn't think that will happen either.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In Crown, Nephrite is pondering what to do with himself as he knows that his powers have returned and if he wanted to get back to the Dark Kingdom all he had to do was try now. He then looks at the money Motoki gave him and thinks of Ami and how he must pay her back for the cookies.

Makoto then enters and Motoki immediately notices that she has attached his turtle charm to her purse. Makoto tells him she likes it and they both smile at each other.

As Makoto enters the karaoke room she sees that Artemis is there and worried as he hasn't been able to get in touch with Minako. Ami says the party's tomorrow so she isn't here today. Rei and Artemis look very worried.

Slowly, shots of Minako's empty hotel room and recording studio are shown.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later that afternoon, Rei returns to her temple to find Artemis waiting for her. He looks very upset and begins to tell Rei something...

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is standing in front of Metallia, wondering what to do when a sword swings at her from behind. Beryl luckily dodges the blade but is shocked to see it was Mamoru who had attacked her. Mamoru tells her that he's taking Metallia into himself and that he will not let the Earth be destroyed. He then leaps at Metallia. Beryl fires a blast of purple magic at him but she misses and he flies into the heart of Metallia down into the ground.

Elsewhere, Kunzite is shown still alive, staggering through the pocket dimension with a glowing wound where he had stabbed himself.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back in Tokyo, Jadeite has commanded the Youma to begin draining Metallia's energy. The Youma lets out several tentacles which dig into the ground and draw out her power. In defence a whole horde of Metallia's Youma appear. Usagi, Ami and Makoto arrive on the scene and transform into Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. The begin to fight and eventually corner Jadeite. Unfortunately the Youma protects him and blasts all three Sailor Soldiers.

On the sidelines, Rei arrives and stares blankly at the scene as she recalls Artemis telling her something about Minako. Sailor Jupiter yells at her to transform. Rei, crying, screams out "Mars Power Make Up!" and transforms in a burst of flames into Sailor Mars and immediately begins to take out almost all of the Youma.

In her mind, Rei is thinking of Artemis completing his message... that Minako... is gone. Sailor Mars powers up her fire powers and then blasts Jadeite's Youma, destroying it.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter gather around Sailor Mars who falls to her knees and screams out Minako's name.

Later at Crown, Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Ami, Luna and Artemis all listen to Minako's new song while they imagine Minako talking to them individually as Rei reads a letter Minako left them. Minako apologises to Rei for not being able to fight with her until the end and tells Usagi that she's sure she'll save and change the world. She tells Artemis that she loves him and to them all that even though she couldn't change the past she believes that they all can.

Everyone begins to cry as the camera zooms in on Minako's cd and the sound of Minako laughing can be heard. Minako is happy to have finally found herself.

Interesting Facts

This was the first time in Sailor Moon history that a Sailor Soldier had died from natural causes and not at the hands of an enemy. This as well as the fact almost everyone assumed Minako would take the operation and be saved or perhaps healed by Sailor Moon surprised a lot of people when this episode aired.

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