Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 48

Aired: 18th September 2004

Minako tells the audience that she has passed away and that she feels confident that everyone will be okay but that she's worried for one particular person, Usagi.

While Rei and Makoto are mourning Minako at Crown, Usagi doesn't know what to do or how to react.

Live Action Sailor Moon: The next day on her way to school, Usagi is surprised to see Mamoru. He tells her that he had heard about Sailor Venus and has to come straight away to see how she was doing. Usagi simply forces herself to smile, remembering what Mamoru had told her to do in the past. Mamoru calls her an idiot, hugs her and tells her she can be herself when he's around. Usagi begins to cry.

Moments later, as they both look out over Tokyo Bay, Mamoru tells Usagi that he has sealed Metallia within his body and that in doing so, Queen Beryl has lost the power to conquer the Earth. The fight is over! Usagi is a bit sceptical at this at first but then accepts it and is glad that she can now use the Imperium Silver Crystal without having to worry about the consequences.

Live Action Sailor Moon: As she rides with him on his bike, Mamoru tells Usagi that they can't be together today but from tomorrow onwards they will be together for as long as they want. He then asks Usagi if anyone else tries to destroy the planet, would she defeat them as she would have Metallia or Beryl. Usagi tells him that of course she would, especially now that she can use the crystal freely.

Later in the pocket dimension, Mamoru confronts Kunzite who is now completely healed. They begin to fight to the death.

In Usagi's house, Shingo and Ikuko hear their doorbell ring. Shingo goes to answer it and is shocked to see his favourite idol, Mio standing at the door! She asks if Usagi is home.

Live Action Sailor Moon: When she Shingo goes back inside he shows Ikuko he stomache which Mio has autographed for him. Upstairs, Usagi's room is in a mess. Luna and Artemis are lying on the floor injured and calling the Sailor Soldiers for help. Mio has taken Usagi to the Dark Kingdom!

Ami and Makoto are runningm, following Rei who leads them to a bridge where Mio had taken her to the Dark Kingdom previously. Together they transform and then perform the Sailor Teleport for the first time.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the pocket dimension, Usagi and Mio are watching Kunzite and Mamoru fight. Kunzite becomes aware that Metallia is within his body and decides to help Mamoru by killing him with honour. Unfortunately while fighting, Kunzite sees Jadeite sneaking up behind Mamoru to kill him! Kunzite pushes Mamoru out of the way and takes the blade himself. Lying on the ground dying, Kunzite tells Jadeite that Mamoru is his true master and he should serve him properly and fully. Kunzite then begins to glow and turns into a rock of kunzite.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Suddenly Mamoru's body begins to leak purple energy as he doubles over in pain. Mio tells Usagi that something's wrong with him while Jadeite runs away. Mamoru, realising what is happening draws his sword and attempts to run himself through. Usagi screams out for him to stop causing him to hesitate long enough for Metallia to exert complete control over his body.

Elsewhere, Queen Beryl sees this through her crystal and whispers to herself that it's too late now. Everything will end. She then drops her crystal which shatters on the floor. Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Mercury then arrive and tell Beryl that they want Usagi but Beryl tells them that there's nothing they can do now.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Metallia, now in complete control of Mamoru has begun to destroy the pocket dimension which dissolves into a bright red nothingness. Usagi and Mio scream as they are transported to the same place where Queen Beryl had taken Mamoru not too long ago.

Mio begins to panic and tells Usagi that she's getting out of there and turns to run away. Metallia then teleports right in front of her. Looking at Mamoru and realising that he is now pure evil, Mio begins to beg for her life before turning and running towards Usagi screaming for her to help her. Metallia raises his sword and with one quick strike completely destroys Mio who screams as her body is torn apart into black petals that float to the ground before disapearing in a purple glow.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Usagi, now very worried instantly transforms into Sailor Moon and rasies her Moon Wand in an attempt to heal Mamoru but Metallia fires a blast of black energy at the wand causing it to completely shatter.

Sailor Jupiter, Mars and Mercury then arrive and tell Sailor Moon that there's nothing they can do to save Mamoru and that they have to fight him for the sake of the planet.

Sailor Mars tries a Youma Taisan attack but Metallia blocks it with his sword. Sailor Mercury then tries Shine Aqua Illusion but that attack is also absorbed into his sword.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter fires a Supreme Thunder at him but Metallia simply absorbs that attack as well and then fires all three attacks back at them, knocking them off their feet.

Sailor Moon runs towards them but is blasted by several energy attacks from Metallia. In an attempt to save Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, slowly stands up and summons a new attack, Burning Mandala which manages to cause a bit of damage and knocks Metallia back a bit. Unfortunately, like the other attacks it is also absorbs and thrown back at Mars.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter then tries her Jupiter Thunderbolt but that it's quickly rebounded on her and electrocutes her.

Sailor Mercury, desperate uses a new move called Mercury Aqua Blizzard which temporarily freezes Metallia but he quickly breaks out of the ice and blasts Mercury once more.

Sailor Mercury, Jupiter and Mars then resort to physical kicks and punches which prove even more ineffective. One by one they are blasted to the point of detransforming back into their civilian forms.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon is distraught. Suddenly she's reminded of how Mamoru asked her if she would defeat anyone else trying to destroy the planet. Sailor Moon then realises that Mamoru had planned this all along. The spirit of Mamoru then appears by her side and tells her that there's no other way.

Metallia, meanwhile is walking closer and closer to Ami with his sword raised, about to kill her. Mamoru tells Sailor Moon that they have to if they are to save the planet. The spirit of Sailor Venus then speaks to Sailor Moon and repeats what she said in her letter, "Change the fate of the planet."

Live Action Sailor Moon: Mamoru's spirit and Sailor Moon lift his sword up in her hands as a tear roles down her cheek and splashes onto it, empowering it with the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Rei and Makoto yell at her to stop. Ami cries that if she does this she won't be the same ever again. She'll break!

Usagi runs towards Metallia and thrusts the sword through his chest.

Interesting Facts

First and last appearance of evil Mamoru / Endymion or Queen Metallia in his body.

Loads and loads of new attacks in this episode! Let's list them! The famous anime and manga move, Sailor Teleport, one of my favourite attacks Burning Mandala and a new attack for Mercury that actually looks different, Mercury Aqua Blizzard. Okay just three new attacks, but still pretty cool!

Special opening credits were used for this episode which used the second verse of the opening themesong, updated Sailor Venus' status and included Sailor Luna into the mix.

A lot of fans were wondering if we would see an evil Mamoru in the live action show after we got a Dark Sailor Mercury who had seemed to take his place but we did and what a nice surprise it was!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #12 Cover

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