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Hello there, Sailor Moon fan, and welcome to, a fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga, musicals, and classic 90s Sailor Moon anime to the PGSM live-action series, Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Sailor Moon Cosmos! The site can be navigated via the above main menu and via the side content. Sailor Moon Says!

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sailor moon crystal anime episode guide
Welcome to my detailed episode guide for the new Sailor Moon anime series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (or Sailor Moon Crystal for short).

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal anime logo

Each episode guide features full story summaries, images, bonus Sailor Moon trivia, links to more information on Sailor Moon Crystal characters, locations, and attacks, as well as information on which Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-ray and DVDs each episode is available on.

This guide will continue to grow so make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for more information.

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Where to Watch Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal's third season has begun! It's airing weekly on Japanese TV on TOKYO MX at 11pm every Monday and is streaming globally for free immediately afterwards on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Neon Alley.

The first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal can be viewed for free on Niconico, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Neon Alley, and AnimeLab.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal season 1

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1

Act.1 Usagi - Sailor Moon -
Act.2 Ami - Sailor Mercury -
Act.3 Rei - Sailor Mars -
Act.4 Masquerade
Act.5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter -
Act.6 Tuxedo Mask
Act.7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask -
Act.8 Minako - Sailor V -
Act.9 Serenity - Princess -
Act.10 Moon
Act.11 Reunion - Endymion -
Act.12 Enemy - Queen Metalia -
Act.13 Final Battle - Reincarnation -

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal season 2

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2

Act.14 Conclusion and Commencement - Petite Etrangere -
Act.15 Infiltration - Sailor Mars -
Act.16 Abduction - Sailor Mercury -
Act.17 Secret - Sailor Jupiter -
Act.18 Invasion - Sailor Venus -
Act.19 Time Warp - Sailor Pluto -
Act.20 Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion -
Act.21 Complication - Nemesis -
Act.22 Speculation - Nemesis -
Act.23 Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman -
Act.24 Attack - Black Lady -
Act.25 Showdown - Death Phantom -
Act.26 Replay - Neverending -

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal season 3

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

Note: From Season 3 onwards, story Acts begin spreading out over several episodes so while Episode 27 is Act 27, Episode 28 is also Act 27 but its second part. Basically Act numbers no longer equate to episode numbers.

Act.27 Infinity 1 - Premonition - Part 1
Act.27 Infinity 1 - Premonition - Part 2
Act.28 Infinity 2 - Ripples - (coming soon)
Act.29 Infinity 3 - Two New Sailors -
Act.30 Infinity 4 Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh - Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune -
Act.31 Infinity 5 Setsuna Meioh - Sailor Pluto -
Act.32 Infinity 6 - Three Guardians -
Act.33 Infinity 7 Transformation - Super Sailor Moon -
Act.34 Infinity 8 Infinite - Labyrinth - Part 1
Act.35 Infinity 9 Infinite - Labyrinth - Part 2
Act.36 Infinity 10 Infinite - Upper Atmosphere -
Act.37 Infinity 11 Infinite - Judge -
Act.38 Infinity 12 Infinite - Journey -

Note: Only 13 episodes of Season 3 have been confirmed so far. Season 4 (featuring the Dead Moon, Pegasus, etc) if made, could continue immediately after Season 3 but it's likely that it would premiere sometime during 2017. This would be a good thing, as it would make the show last a lot longer. It is far too early to tell if there will be a Season 5 (Stars arc) but it is likely if past seasons prove popular and the official DVDs, Blu-rays, and other Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise sell well.

Opening and Closing Credits

Opening Credits Version 1 - Version 2 - Version 3
Closing Credits Version 1


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MOON PRIDE Music Video Summary

* I have delayed adding images to several episodes due to the improved animation on the DVDs and Blu-rays. Images will be added when time allows.

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