Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.6 - Tuxedo Mask -

Original Air Date: 20th September 2014

Mamoru is dreaming of a mist covered palace. There is a war going on and a woman is crying out for the Legendary Silver Crystal. He wakes up.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.6 - tuxedo mask -

Later that day Usagi, Ami and Makoto are walking around Azabu Juban. Usagi is thinking of the same dream Mamoru had when she bumps into him again. Mamoru extends a hand but she refuses it. As he walks away, Makoto tells Usagi that she is blushing.

When they arrive at school, everyone is talking about Tuxedo Mask and how he told the press about the Legendary Silver Crystal. Tuxedo Mask hopes that this will bring him some answers.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is getting impatient and tells Kunzite and Zoisite that their master is getting restless. An injured Nephrite asks for another chance but Zoisite announces that he has a plan.

Zoisite disguises himself as a TV guest and brainwashes everyone watching to search for the crystal.

Usagi arrives home and finds that her mother is searching for it. She meets up with Ami, Rei, Makoto and Luna at Crown Arcade. Luna explains that she was sent from the Moon to awaken them all and that the Legendary Silver Crystal has the power to destroy an entire planet if misused. All the girls are shocked but Luna tells them that they will understand more as they awaken as Sailor Guardians.

As Usagi ponders this information, the Sailor V video game talks to her and tells her that she can do it. Usagi doesn’t tell the others that the game talked to her but does wonder aloud if Sailor V could be an ally.

Luna then opens the entrance to her secret base. All the girls are shocked that something like this exists in a regular arcade.

As they gather around the computer screens, Luna suggests that Tuxedo Mask could not be an ally. Usagi jumps to his defence and leaves when no one believes her. The remaining girls locate the source of the signal (a TV station) and leave to confront the villain who reveals herself to be Zoisite.

Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Mercury attack him but are no match. Zoisite begins to drain the entire city’s population of their energy as Queen Beryl appears.

Walking by herself, Usagi begins to collapse as her energy is drained. Tuxedo Mask catches her and tells her to believe in herself as a leader. Usagi is worried about blowing her secret identity in front of him but he tells her to transform, confirming that he already knows that she’s Sailor Moon (he also woke her up in her bedroom in the previous episode which was also a pretty big hint).

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and uses the Moon Stick to attack Zoisite and Beryl with Moon Healing Escalation. They both retreat and Sailor Moon flies above Tokyo and heals everyone before landing in front of Tuxedo Mask and collapsing.

Tuxedo Mask leans in and kisses her. As he does so, his watch falls onto her chest.

The next morning, Usagi awakens in Mamoru’s apartment and is surprised when he enters the room, revealing that he’s Tuxedo Mask.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Moon used Moon Healing Escalation for the first time in this episode.

While Sailor Mercury's attack had no name, it did look an awful lot like her Mercury Aqua Mirage attack from the 90s Sailor Moon anime's SuperS special, Ami's First Love.

In the shot at the beginning of the episode where Mamoru is walking away from Usagi, Makoto and Ami, the bakery on the left side of the screen is called "Moon Bakery".

While in Japanese this episode's name is "Tuxedo Kamen - Tuxedo Mask -", in English that would sound redundant (Tuxedo Mask - Tuxedo Mask -) so it's simply called "- Tuxedo Mask -".

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