official sailor moon musical dvd shopping guide

Welcome to my shopping guide for the official DVD releases for the new Sailor Moon musicals! Here's some quick facts:

  • These DVDs are Region 2 (Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Greenland). This means they will play in Region 2 DVD players or any DVD or Blu-ray player that can play multiple region DVDs. Many players can be made to play multiple regions (Google your player model number for info on how to do so) and all computer DVD/Blu-ray drives have the option to switch regions.
  • The Sailor Moon musicals have only been released in Japan and there are currently no plans to release them abroad. These are the only releases available.
  • Each release is a double disk release and comes with the full musical and a large amount of bonus features.
  • There are no English subtitles but I honestly wouldn't let this stop you. The storylines are very easy for a Sailor Moon fan to understand (especially if you've seen the anime or read the manga). I saw my first two Sailor Moon musicals when I first came to Japan and didn't know any Japanese at all and it was still an amazing experience.
  • For more details on each release and for shipping costs, etc, please click on a shopping link and read the relevant information on the target website. Shipping will be different depending on which country you live in and the speed of shipping you choose. Some sites even offer free shipping.
  • The buttons under the images are for pinning these DVDs to one of your Pinterest boards. Go ahead, give them a go!

    Happy Shopping, Sailor Moon Fan!

    sailor moon musical reconquista dvd

    Sailor Moon Musical 1 - Reconquista

    Buy NOW on!
    Buy NOW on!

    sailor moon musical petite etrangere dvd

    Sailor Moon Musical 2 - Petite Etrangere

    Buy NOW on!
    Buy NOW on!
    Buy NOW on!

    sailor moon musical un nouveaut voyage dvd

    Sailor Moon Musical 3 - Un Nouveau Voyage

    Buy NOW on!
    Buy NOW on!
    Buy NOW on!

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