Sailor Moon Questions and Answers

The Moonie Mailbag is kind of like my site's letter column where I try to answer reader questions about the Sailor Moon manga, original 90's anime, the live-action series (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,) the Sailor Moon musicals, Sailor Moon Crystal (and Eternal and Cosmos,) merchandise, Sailor Moon actors and actresses, online fandom, Moonkitty.NET, life in Japan, and even myself.

Have something that's been bugging you? Or maybe you just want a second opinion? Send your question my way to shuttlecok [at] (make sure to change the [at] to @!) with the email subject "Moonie Mailbag" and I'll answer it right here as soon as I can. Alternatively, you can also shoot me a direct message (DM) on Twitter.

Now on with the questions and answers.

Sailor Moon Fan Questions & Trivia

Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Cosmos Questions
Is Sailor Saturn in Sailor Moon Crystal?
Is Sailor Moon on Netflix?
Is Sailor Moon on Disney Plus?
Will the old voice actors return for the new Sailor Moon anime in 2013?
Will the new Sailor Moon anime in 2013 be subbed in English?
Will the new Sailor Moon anime in 2013 be dubbed in English?

Sailor Moon Merchandise
Where can I buy Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan?
How do I shop on
Where can I buy the Sailor Moon Star Locket?
Are there any Sailor Moon ripoffs?
Where can I buy Sailor Moon transformation items?
How do I play Japanese Sailor Moon DVDs?
How long does it take to read all the Sailor Moon manga?
Any news on new Sailor Moon dolls?
Do the Japanese Sailor Moon DVDs have English subtitles?
Bootleg Sailor Moon DVDs versus Official Sailor Moon DVDs. What's the difference?
Region 1 Sailor Moon DVDs versus Region 2 Sailor Moon DVDs. What's the difference?
Which Sailor Moon musical DVD should I start with?
Are the new Japanese Sailor Moon DVDs remastered?
Where can I buy the Sailor Moon manga?
Will Sailor Moon come back?
Is Sailor Stars going to be dubbed or subbed in English?
Where can I buy Sailor Moon DVD boxsets?
Where can I download Sailor Moon episodes for free online?

Sailor Moon Series & Characters
Is Sailor Jupiter a Sagittarius?
What does Sailor Pluto's skin tone mean?
What happened to Luna, Artemis, Diana and Serena's family after Sailor Stars?
When do Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask get together?
Please explain the different time periods in Sailor Moon!
Why didn't Sailor Mini Moon die in the Sailor Moon manga?
Why were the missing episodes excluded from the English dub of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon?
How many Sailor Moon S openings are there?
Do you think Sailor Moon could have lasted longer as an anime?
Do the Sailor Scouts die?
What episodes are the clips from the opening credits from?
Who is Central Control?
What is Sailor Neptune's mirror attack in the Kaguya manga arc?
Which came first? Anime La Soldier or Musical La Soldier?
Is Rini, Serena and Darien's daughter?
In what episode does Rini transform into Wicked Lady?

Naoko Takeuchi & Japan
How can I write to Naoko Takeuchi?
Does Naoko Takeuchi still draw Sailor Moon?

Moonkitty.NET & Personal
What is your favourite Sailor Moon anime season?
Which is your favourite Sailor Moon pairing?
Do you prefer Usagi (Serena) with Seiya or Mamoru (Darien)?
Did you like Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon?
Why do you love Sailor Moon?
What is your favourite Sailor Moon anime episode?
Has Sailor Moon impacted or helped shape your life in anyway?
Which Sailor Moon character is your favourite?
Can I affiliate with

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