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Is Sailor Jupiter a Sagittarius?

Yes, Sailor Jupiter is a Sagittarius. Well, at least her Present Day reincarnation, Makoto (Lita) Kino, is anyway. It's unclear when Princess Jupiter's birthday back in the Moon Kingdom was.

Super Sailor Jupiter's hand and planetary symbol during Jupiter Oak Evolution attack.

Makoto's birthday is the 5th of December in the Sailor Moon manga, live-action, and anime series. This places the character's birthday right in the middle of the Sagittarius window which spans from the 22nd of November through to the 21st of December.

Sagittarius' ruling planet is Jupiter, which is naturally a good match for Sailor Jupiter, but many other aspects traditionally associated with the Sagittarius star sign, such as wisdom, archery, and fire, seem better suited to Sailor Mars. However, the centaur's half-man half-horse appearance does symbolise a connection between nature and man which one could connect to Sailor Jupiter's love of gardening and flowers.

Two of Sailor Jupiter's attacks, Jupiter Oak Evolution and Flower Hurricane, could also be potentially connected to this nature aspect of the Sagittarius star sign as could Makoto's surname, Kino, which includes the Japanese kanji for wood, Ki (木.)

Sailor Jupiter's various lightning attacks could be connected to the nature aspect of Sagittarius though these most likely come from planet Jupiter's association with the Greek god Zeus who was known for throwing lightning bolts. The planet itself is also known to have massive lightning strikes and thunder storms.

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