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Where Can I Download Sailor Moon Episodes for Free Online?

This is a question I get asked a lot and, unfortunately, you're probably not going to like my answer.

While there are several places to download the Sailor Moon/Sailormoon anime, live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV series, and Sailor Moon Musicals (or "Sera Myu") for free online, the act of doing so is still very much illegal and something that I try to discourage wherever I can on Moonkitty.NET.

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I addition to breaking the law, the act of illegal anime downloading can also have an adverse effect on the release of more Sailor Moon from official channels as seen from a 2009 disaster with the One Piece anime which not only prevented the official English subtitled release of an episode an hour after its airing in Japan but possibly affected relationships with the Japanese companies involved who would also be directly involved in re-releasing the Sailor Moon anime.

On the other end of the spectrum, buying official Sailor Moon DVDs can actually result in the creation of brand new Sailor Moon products.

It was officially stated that because the Japanese Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVDs sold so well, the producers decided to make the Special Act and Act Zero DVDs which gave fans for the first time the wedding of Mamoru and Usagi, the origin of Sailor V and Tuxedo Mask, more special features, and two fantastic boxes to house our DVDs in.

It's definitely worth purchasing official Sailor Moon DVDs and Blu-rays when something like this can happen.

Sailor Moon English Dub Downloads

Unfortunately, the original 90's DiC dub of the Sailor Moon anime isn't available to officially download for free online as the rights to that version have expired. Your best bet for this fan-favourite version is to track down some original Sailor Moon DiC dub DVDs. However, Sailor Moon Viz dub downloads are available on services such as Hulu and via the Sailor Moon channel on PlutoTV.

Note that as of the time of this writing, there is a page dedicated to the Sailor Moon anime on the completely free Tubi streaming service though the series currently isn't available to watch. It's possible that Sailor Moon could come to Tubi in the future so it's worth keeping this service in mind. In general, Tubi is a great service for watching hard-to-find anime and other cartoon series.

Sailor Moon Crystal Downloads

The newer Sailor Moon Crystal anime series is available to stream online and download for offline watching on a variety of service such as Crunchyroll, ABC iView (in Australia), and Netflix.

Sailor Moon Cosmos Downloads

The two Sailor Moon Eternal movies are currently exclusive to stream or download and watch on Netflix. Their two Sailor Moon Cosmos movie sequels will also likely come to Netflix around December 2023 or January 2024.

Sailor Moon Soundtrack Downloads

There are quite a few places to download the Sailor Moon soundtracks online but, if you want to support the official releases and encourage the companies-that-be to put out more Sailor Moon music, it's a good idea to purchase the official tracks and albums from digital music stores or simply stream or download them from Amazon Music or Spotify. Spotify has a number of classic 90's Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal (plus Eternal and Cosmos), and musical albums in addition to a plethora of fan covers of popular Sailor Moon songs and background music tracks.


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