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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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sailor moon attack guide

One of the most captivating aspects of Sailor Moon is the numerous special attacks, their visualisations and cultural significance to the characters.

This Attack Guide aims to cover in detail all of the special attacks that appear throughout the manga, anime and live action versions of the Sailor Moon series.

For the most part I'll avoid creating pages for the attacks in the awesome Sailor Moon Musicals as, despite slight variations, sailor venus' attack love chain encircle / venus love me chain from the sailor moon animemost are basic stage lighting effects. I will however create pages for Sailor Moon Musical attacks if they are exclusive to that version of Sailor Moon (i.e. they don't appear in the manga, anime or live action versions). An example would be Sailor Astarte's attacks.

Navigating the Sailor Moon Attack Guide is fairly simple. The attack names are organised by character. To the right of them are links to information on the attack as it appears in the different versions of Sailor Moon. If the "link" is just inactive text this means that the attack exists in some form in that version of Sailor Moon but I haven't had the chance to write the guide for it yet. If there is no link or text placeholder, that means the attack does not exist in that missing version of the series. For example Sailor Mars' firebird attack will only have a link to it's anime version as it does not appear in any other version of Sailor Moon.

Some attacks will also be grouped together if they are basically the same attack with just a name or slight visual variation for the sake of navigation. Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic anime attack and her manga and live action Moon Tiara Boomerang are one example of this.

I hope you enjoy what's currently here and check back regularly as the guide grows.

~ Brad

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Kick manga - anime
"Sailor Hearing" manga - anime
"Sailor Vision" manga
"Sailor Scream" manga - anime
Moon Tiara Magic manga - anime - live action
Moon Tiara Stardust anime
Moon Disguise Power manga - anime - live action
Moon Healing Activation manga - anime - live action
Cosmic Moon Power anime
Moon Twilight Flash manga - live action
Misc Healing Powers live action
Teleport Power live action
Harp Healing Power live action
Unnamed World Rebirth Power live action
Moon Sceptre Elimination manga - anime
Sailor Body Attack anime
Moon Spiral Heart Attack manga - anime
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache manga - anime
Moon Gorgeous Meditation manga - anime
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss manga - anime
Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss manga - anime
Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power manga

Sailor Venus
Rolling Heart Vibration [manga] [live action] [crystal]

~~~~~~~~~~ REVAMP WARNING ~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm currently reformatting the Sailor Moon Attack Guide. All of the attacks after this point are in the old site format. You may find broken links or missing images but most of the info should still be there. Be warned though, it may look funky and not in the good way.

Check back soon for updates.

  • Sailor Mercury
    Mercury Bubble Blast [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Super Dimentional Space Disturbance [manga]
    Shine Aqua Illusion [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Ice Sword Attack [live action]
    Ice Sword Attack 2 [live action]
    Mercury Star Attack [live action]
    Mercury Aqua Storm [live action]
    Mercury Aqua Cyclone [live action]
    Mercury Aqua Blizzard [live action]
    Ice Sword Attack 3 [live action]
    Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze [manga] [anime]
    Mercury Aqua Mirage [manga] [anime]
    Mercury Aqua Rhapsody [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Mars
    Mars Fire Ignite [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Mars Fireball Charge [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Mars Star Attack [live action]
    Mars Celestial Fire Surround [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Mars & Venus Daggers [live action]
    Mars Firebird Strike [anime]
    Mars Snake Fire [manga] [anime]
    Mars Flame Sniper [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Jupiter
    Jupiter Thunder Crash [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Jupiter Flower Hurricane [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Jupiter Star Attack [live action]
    Jupiter Thunderbolt [live action]
    Jupiter Thunderclap Zap [manga] [anime]
    Unnamed Ground Attack [live action]
    Jupiter Spear [live action]
    Jupiter Thunder Dragon [manga] [anime]
    Coconut Cyclone [manga] [anime]
    Jupiter Oak Evolution [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Venus
    Venus Crescent Beam Smash [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Venus Love Chain Encircle [manga] [anime] [live action]
    Sailor V Kick
    Venus Star Attack [live action]
    Unnamed Exploding Power [live action]
    Mars & Venus Daggers [live action]
    Venus Shower [anime]
    Venus Wink Chain Sword [anime]
    Venus Love and Beauty Shock [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Uranus
    Uranus World Shaking [manga] [anime]
    Uranus Space Sword Blaster [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Neptune
    Neptune Deep Submerge [manga] [anime]
    Neptune Submarine Reflection [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Pluto
    Pluto Deadly Scream [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Mini Moon / Chibi Moon
    Kitt Magic [manga] [anime]
    Pink Sugar Heart Attack [manga] [anime]
    Crystal Twinkle Bell [manga] [anime]
    "Sailor Scream" [manga] [anime]

  • Sailor Luna
    Teleport [live action]
    Fan Attack [live action]
    Luna Sucre Candy [live action]
    Hearing Power [live action]

  • Tuxedo Mask
    "Earth Vision"
    Tuxedo Smoking Bomber [manga] [live action]

  • Group
    Misc Energy Attack [live action]
    Moonlight Attractive Attack [live action]
    Sailor Planet Attack [manga] [anime] [live action]
    "Sheild Power" [manga] [anime]
    Sailor Teleport [manga] [anime] [live action]

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    new sailor moon anime in 2013

    pretty guardian sailor moon crystal anime title logo

    Watch the totally new Sailor Moon anime, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal for free online every second Saturday on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico! Note that Niconico is totally open to viewers worldwide with no region block.

    Current Episode
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    Watch the classic 90s Sailor Moon anime, in the original Japanese with English subtitles in free streaming format on Hulu and Viz! Buy HD episodes and seasons to keep on, USA/CAN Xbox Video, USA/CAN Playstation Store, CAN iTunes and USA iTunes.

    For the original English dub of the classic 90s Sailor Moon anime, check out the shopping guide for a full listing of official DVDs containing the first and second seasons as well as the third and fourth seasons, Sailor Moon S and SuperS. This original English version is no longer being produced and will not be re-released in the future.

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    sailor moon news roundup podcast

    Sailor Moon News Roundup Episode 006: What a great episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! In this episode of the Sailor Moon News Roundup, I talk about my thoughts on the beginning of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 and break down some pretty big news coming right out of Japan. I also answer a couple of questions from's Twitter and Facebook page about my thoughts on changes made in the English version of Sailor Moon and discuss who my favourite character is. Sailor Moon Says! Listen to the podcast and read the full episode notes here.

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    viz media's sailor moon season one part 2 blu-ray and dvd box set

    VIZ Media is releasing the the 90s Sailor Moon anime with the original Japanese audio and a new English dub.

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    Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-rays and DVDs are on their way in a variety of collections!

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    sailor moon reconquista musical dvd

    The Sailor Moon musicals are back in Japan and available on DVD for everyone to watch!! Check them out!

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    official english and japanese manga

    The Sailor Moon manga is back with brand new re-releases! Check out the latest English language Sailor Moon manga releases here and the latest Japanese releases here. Each page has information on each release, images and links for where to order the Sailor Moon manga online. Happy reading, Sailor Moon fans!

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    sailor moon crystal opening and closing song single cd and blu-ray

    Sailor Moon Crystal is here and with it an epic new opening theme song, Moon Pride and a beautiful closing theme, Moonbow. Both songs are available (with karaoke versions!)on a regular CD release and special Blu-ray/CD set which contains the Moon Pride music video!

    Moon Pride Blu-ray/CD: / / Exclusive:
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    Sailor Moon Figures and Models

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    Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary
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    Sailor Moon

    The Mystery of Dark Cain

    Part 2 of The Dracul Trilogy! The mysterious Sailor Astarte arrives!

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