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Greetings, fellow Sailor Moon fan, and welcome to MoonKitty.NET, my Sailor Moon fansite that I started way back in 1999 as an Artemis shrine.

This website's come a long way since then and now covers the entirety of the Sailor Moon franchise from the classic 90s anime and manga to the new Sailor Moon musicals and Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Cosmos.

All of MoonKitty.NET's content can be accessed via the rainbow menu to the left. You may also be interested in some of these popular pages below.

  • 2022 Sailor Moon Release Dates Calendar.
  • The Moonie Mailbag
  • 90's Sailor Moon Anime Episode Guide
  • Classic Sailor Moon Anime DVD Shopping Guide
  • Sailor Moon Wallpaper Downloads

  • sailor moon crystal

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is a new Sailor Moon anime project that's based on the classic manga series as the classic 90s anime but stays much closer to the source material.

    The Sailor Moon Crystal anime consists of three full anime seasons and four movies.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Seasons One, Two, and Three cover the first three main story arcs from the manga featuring the Dark Kingdom (or Negaverse for classic DiC fans), Black Moon (Nega Moon), and Death Busters (Heart Snatchers). All three Sailor Moon Crystal seasons are available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray, own digitally, and watch on a number of streaming platforms.
  • The two Sailor Moon Eternal movies, Part One and Part Two, cover the Dead Moon Circus or Dream arc. Both Sailor Moon Eternal movies can be watched on Netflix in all regions though are currently only available on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan.
  • Finally, the two Sailor Moon Cosmos movies cover the Stars manga arc. This is the same storyline that formed the basis of the 90s Sailor Stars anime season. The Sailor Moon Cosmos Part One and Part Two movies are both set for a theatrical release in 2023.

    sailor moon podcasts

    The official podcast, the Sailor Moon News Roundup podcast summarises all the latest Sailor Moon news and merchandise releases. After the latest information on the new Sailor Moon anime or interested in the latest Sailor Moon t-shirt design? This is the podcast for you!

    Sailor Moon Says!

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