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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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sailor moon sailor stars episode guide

The fifth and final season of the Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Stars is split into two main story arcs.

The first six episodes of Sailor Stars consist of what many fans call the "Nehelenia Arc" and features the re-awakening of Queen Nehelenia and the return of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark QueenSaturn to the series. These episodes quickly became fan favourites due to their fast pace, lack of fillers, high quality animation and ability to allow all of the individual Sailors to shine on their own. The Nehelenia Arc is a great epilogue to Sailor Moon SuperS offering a finale closer to the one that happened in the manga and an excellent game changer that sets the stage for the rest of the season.

Episode 173 onwards deal with the arrival of several Sailor Soldiers from other solar systems including the popular Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come TogetherSailor Starlights and evil Sailor Galaxia.

The tone of the series becomes slightly more mature and deals in great deal with issues such as loss and fidelity yet still retaining a lot of the humour and fun action fans had come to expect.

Sailor Stars easily ranks one of the favourite seasons of the show and it's popularity is more than justified.

I hope you enjoy the final episodes of the Sailor Moon anime. This is it!

The Episodes

167. The Time for Nightmare Flowers to Scatter! The Revival of the Dark Queen
168. Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together
169. The Cursed Mirror! Darien (Mamoru) Trapped in a Nightmare
170. The Fated Night! The Trial of the Sailor Soldiers
171. For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Dark World
172. The Power of Moon Love! The End of the Nightmare
173. A Farewell and an Meeting! The Fate of Shooting Stars
174. A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols
175. Aim for an Idol! Mina's (Minako's) Ambition
176. A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation
177. Dreams and Romance on a Star! Taiki's Transformation
178. Luna Saw It! Idol, Yaten's True Face!
179. Enemies? Allies? The Starlights and the Sailor Soldiers
180. The Shine of Calling Stars! Amara (Haruka) and Michelle (Michiru) Enter the Battle
181. Seiya and Serena's (Usagi's) Heart Pounding Date
182. Invasion From Outer Space! Siren Comes Flying In
183. The Scream of Dead Souls? The Terror of a Monster at Camp
184. Night Between Us! Usagi's Pinch
185. Taiki Sings Radiantly! A Heart Carried by a Song
186. Chibi Chibi's Mystery! The Big Noisy Chase!
187. The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi's Transformation
188. An Invitation to Terror! Serena's (Usagi's) Night Flight
189. Torn Between Duty and Friendship! Confrontation Between Sailor Soldiers
190. The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten and Taiki's Past
191. When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave
192. Straight to Your Dream! Idol Mina (Minako) is Born!
193. The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyu Appears
194. Holy War in the Galaxy! Legend of the Sailor Wars
195. Princess Kakyu Burns Out! Galaxia Descends
196. Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! The Final Battle of the Sailor Soldiers
197. Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat
198. Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune
199. The Light of Hope! The Final Fight for the Galaxy
200. Serena's (Usagi's) Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy

Opening and Closing Credits

During the course of Sailor Stars, several openings and endings were used. Click on the links below for information and images concerning each one.

Japanese Opening 1 - Japanese Opening 2
Japanese Closing 1 - Japanese Closing 2 - Japanese Closing 3


In the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, a small bumper, also referred to as an "eyecatch" by fans, were included before and after commercial breaks.

Bumper 1

Note: Sailor Stars has yet to be released officially either subtitled or dubbed in English however for the sake of consistency in's anime episode guide I use the English names established for the characters in the previous seasons and movies. Any new characters or attacks introduced will maintain their original Japanese names.
Will Sailor Stars be released in English? Read here.

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