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Hello there, Sailor Moon fan, and welcome to, a fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga, musicals, and classic 90s Sailor Moon anime to the PGSM live-action series, Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Sailor Moon Cosmos! The site can be navigated via the above main menu and via the side content. Sailor Moon Says!

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears

Episode 193

Sailor Stars

The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyu Appears

All the girls are busy preparing for their school festival. Their class has been given the job of running a cafe and Lita has made them all French made dresses. Serena tells Lita that hers is too big in the sides but Lita says that she modelled them on Mina's body. Mina isn't too happy to hear this.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears At Ginga TV Sailor Lead Crow is going through Sailor Aluminum Siren's desk and finds her diary. She opens it up and discovers that Aluminum Siren had written who Sailor Moon is and that she has a true Star Seed! She goes to Galaxia and tells her that she bets her life on this new mission. Sailor Tin Nyanko is intimidated by Lead Crow's discovery.

That night in Serena's room, a cosmic red butterfly flutters out of the incense burner Chibi Chibi has and flies into the window. Serena sees it and walks over to where it disappeared. While atSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears the window she sees Seiya on the street looking up at her. Seiya tells her he just wanted to see her face. Serena invites him to the school festival and he agrees. After Serena goes back inside, Seiya sees a red cosmic butterfly which flies up and disappears as it hits Serena's window. Seiya recognises it as being related to his princess.

Next Sunday at school the festival is going really well with lots of customers in the students' cafe. The girls comment on how everyone's here hoping to catch a glimpse of the Three Lights. Serena tells them that Seiya's comingSailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears but noone believes her. Suddenly Seiya shows up! He says he wants to try the cake Serena had told him about. Lita and Raye realise they have none and run off to make some more.

While outside they see Yaten and Taiki confronting Chibi Chibi. Raye runs back to get the others and Lita jumps in to save Chibi Chibi. Yaten throws a punch at Lita which she blocks. Seiya, Serena,Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears Raye, Amy and Mina arrive.

Seiya demands to know what they're doing. Yaten and Taiki pull Seiya away and tell him they sensed their princess' perfume coming from the burner and that if they had it they may be able to find out where she is. All of a sudden they see another butterfly that flies back where they came from. Seiya runs back assuming the worst. Yaten and Taiki follow.

Back on the school grounds Sailor Lead Crow appears and tells Serena she knows she's Sailor Moon. Serena and the others immediately transform. Lead Crow tells them that if Sailor Moon doesn't give her her Star Seed she'll release the power of a black hole and kill everyone on the school grounds.

The Sailor Starlights arrive.Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears Sailor Star Fighter yells out for Sailor Moon not to do it as do Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. Sailor Moon tells them she won't let innocents be hurt though and stands with her arms appart. Sailor Lead Crow fires her bracelets and hits Sailor Moon. She screams and her Star Seed, which also happens to be the Silver Crystal materialises above her head.

Before Lead Crow can grab it another golden energy blast fires at Lead Crow and smashes the container holding the black hole. It immediately grows and grabs Lead Crows arms. Sailor Tin Nyanko reveals herself and laughs at Lead Crow as she's sucked into the hole. Right before she disappears she whispers to Sailor Aluminum Siren that she's sorry it had to end like this.

Unfortunately for Tin Nyanko the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears black hole is growing too fast and swallows Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi who's still holding the incense burner. The remaining Sailors scream out Sailor Moon's name. Suddenly there's a burst of pink energy which destroys the black hole. Chibi Chibi stands on the ground holding the incense burner above her head. Tin Nyanko wonders who this girl who has the power to destroy a black hole is.

Up in the sky Eternal Sailor Moon floats as the Silver Crystal returns to her body. Suddenly a form appears holding her as she returns to her civilian form. Serena looks up and realises that this is the princess that the Three Lights had been looking for all this time!

Interesting Facts

This episode featured the final appearance of Sailor Lead Crow and the first true in person appearance of Princess Kakyu!

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