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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation

Episode 176

Sailor Stars

A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation

Seiya, Taiki and Yaten are practicing for a new musical. Their director though keeps yelling at Seiya and telling hime that everything he's doing is wrong.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation The next day at school Serena is having trouble in her Maths exam. Behind her Seiya is also having trouble but moreso due to his frustration over his musical rehearsals. Eventually he screams out it class.

After school, Serena and Mina promise each other that they'll take the make up exam together and that if they fail that they'll take the make up class together. Lita tells them that now that they're in high school they can actually be held back a year and jokes that maybe one more year of relaxing would be good for them.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation Seiya, Taiki and Yaten walk up behind them. Serena and the others begin talking to Taiki and Yaten about Seiya also having trouble but he yells at them that he was distracted by his musical dramas. Taiki and Yaten then take out Seiya's exam results and shows it to the girls. Seiya becomes really angry.

Raye then appears out of nowhere and suggests that the three Lights join their study group in an attempt to flirt with them. The three see right through her plan and leave, saying they Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation have musical practice. Serena and Mina follow them, followed by Lita and shortly Ami.

At the rehearsal the girls watch the Three Lights practice and comment on how cool they look. The director yells at Seiya again and again about failing at everything.

During their break, Seiya tells the girls that he thinks the director hates him. He's interrupted though by the director who tells them all to get back to work and accusses Seiya of being an idol just to pick up girls. Raye thinks she has met the director before and her suspicions are confirmed when the director takes off her glasses. She's Sister Angela, one of the nuns from Raye's school!

Later on Seiya and Serena spy on Angela at Raye's school. Seiya confronts her and accuses her of leading two lives and doing a half assed job in each one.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation Sister Angela accuses Seiya of also doing a half assed job in his life as well.

They sit down and begin talking. She tells Seiya that she went to see him in concert and felt that his singing was so powerful as if he was sending a message to someone. She then demands to know why he doesn't feel her musical deserves the same passion. This surprises Seiya as he hadn't thought about that before. He then decides to put as much passion into the musical as his concerts.

Serena who had been watching assumes things are now worse and walks home with Seiya. Seiya thinks of the woman he's trying to reach somewhere in the galaxy as we are shown a silhouette of her against the cosmos.

That night Seiya and the director stay late and rehearse, his dance and singing routine. The director goes out to get some coffee and is confronted by Sailor Iron Mouse!

Seiya hears her scream and runs to her rescue. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation Iron Mouse first two golden energy blasts at him and then fires two more at the director, removing her Star Seed which quickly turns black, transforming her into the Phage, Sailor Director. Sailor Iron Mouse teleports away.

Seiya transforms into Sailor Star Fighter and attacks with Star Serious Laser, which severely damages the Phage.

Serena and Raye who had both come to watch Seiya see the fight and transform into Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mars. They yell for her to stop attacking the Phage as it was once a human.

Sailor Star Fighter screams at them for not understanding the pain she and the others has gone through being survivors and says that this is the way that they must fight. She goes to attack again but Sailor Mars summons a Mars Flame Sniper arrow and aims it at Seiya. She tells her that if she wants to kill the Phage she'll have to fight them as well.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation Sailor Moon then uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss to heal the director.

Outside, Sailor Star Fighter smiles and tells them that she hopes they aren't her enemy and walks away.

She wonders if what they're missing is Sailor Moon's light and thinks once more about the person they're trying to reach with their singing as an image of Eternal Sailor Moon is shown over the silhouette.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: A True Fighter! A Shocking Super Transformation

Monster of the Day

Sailor Director had a cool film strip projectile attack but she was quickly weakened by Sailor Star Fighter and healed by Eternal Sailor Moon's Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

Interesting Facts

This episode showed us a rare look inside Raye's all girls school.

Sailor Star Fighter's transformation sequence was shown for the first time in this episode. It's very interesting as it shows the disguise power the Starlights use to disguise themselves as men wears off actually during the transformation not before it.
Something else worth thinking about is the fact that the Japanese episode title refers to this transformation as being a "Super" one, suggesting that the Starlights have already powered up to their Super forms, making them in line with the Inners and Outers so far.

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