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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date

Episode 181

Sailor Stars

Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date

Mina confronts Taiki at school and offers to take him to a movie but he quickly turns her down and says he wants to practice lyrics alone. Lita and Serena see her and ask her what movie she had bought tickets for.Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date Mina tells them that it was "Adult Love XX and then offers to sell them the tickets for 1000 yen.

After school Serena runs into Seiya who asks her out. Serena stammers and tries to find a way out but before she knows it she's agreed. As Seiya leaves Amy appears behind Serena and tells her not to worry as she didn't hear anything.

On the train, Sailor Iron Mouse is bombarded by numerous telephones that keep materialising out of thin air. Sailor Galaxia begins to tell her that this is her last chance but Iron Mouse panics and hangs up! She freaks out even more.

Suddenly she sees the Three Lights on a giant tv screen outside and decides to target them!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date Elsewhere, Serena is waiting for Seiya near the zoo. Amara and Michelle happen to be in the area and say hello. Serena tells them that she's going to the zoo with Seiya. Amara and Michelle are nervous about this as they know Seiya is something else and tell Serena to be careful, also because Seiya just plays with women. The then leave.

Left alone again Serena sees a group of boys playing. One of them trips and hurts his knee. Serena comforts him and he runs away happy. Seiya then arrives and as Serena goes to greet him she trips and hurts her knee. She begins crying. Seiya mocks her and repeats her own words to her. Serena comes to her senses.

The two spend the day together at the zoo, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date playing with the UFO catcher (Seiya catches a moon bear which he keeps for himself) and even going on a roller coaster and a haunted mansion.

While on the ferris wheel Seiya asks Serena about Darien. Serena tells him that he is overseas and she knows that he loves her but she hasn't heard from him since he left. Watching Serena being quiet and sad reminds Seiya of his princess.

Later on they finish the date by going to Seiya's favourite club. As they enter Yaten and Taiki see them together and recognise Serena from school. Seiya and Serena go to a private room up the back. Seiya suddenly reaches Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date towards Serena causing her to assume he's going to kiss her freak out. Funnily enough though he was just reaching for the phone to order drinks.

Seiya then takes Serena out onto the dance floor and the two begin to dance until Iron Mouse, knowing that this was the Three Lights favourite club, cuts the power and attacks. Seiya holds Serena who notices that he's warm and strong like Darien but gentler. Seiya yells at Serena to leave. She runs away to the next room to transform.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date Iron Mouse attacks Seiya but he dodges the attack and transforms into Sailor Star Fighter. Star Maker and Star Healer join her.

Eternal Sailor Moon then joins them as well. Suddenly Sailor Moon sees Seiya's moon bear on the floor and picks it up. She demands Iron Mouse tell her what she did to him and wonders if he was turned into a Phage. Iron Mouse laughs at how Sailor Moon and Star Fighter don't know each others' identities and begins to reveal them but Star Fighter stops her by attacking with Star Serious Laser.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Seiya and Usagi's (Serena's) Heart Pounding Date Iron Mouse blacks the attack with her phone booth. Unfortunately the phone rings and Galaxia tells her she has failed and then materialises before everyone.

Sailor Galaxia removes Iron Mouse's bracelets, destroying her. She then tells Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights not to get in her way.

That afternoon Serena returns the bear to Seiya who now knows Serena's identity though she doesn't yet know his.

Interesting Facts

This was the first time Sailor Moon had met Sailor Galaxia.

There was no Phage in this episode and as such Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss was not used.

If you're in Tokyo and want to be exactly where Iron Mouse was on the train, catch the Yamonote Line from Shinjuki JR Station and head towards Ikebukuro. The giant screen is actually the outside of a tv studio called Studio Alta and can be seen as you're leaving Shinjuku Station. If you want to go there in person, head out of the East Exit. Coincidentally this is the same place where Serena saw the news report about the world freezing over in the Sailor Moon S Movie though there it was humorously renamed "Studio Malta".

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