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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Stars Vol. 3

The final season of the Sailor Moon anime continues with Sailor Stars Volume 3!

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Like the previous Sailor Stars DVD covers, this one is equally well designed. It combines the three separate Japanese laserdisk covers featuring the Sailor Starlights and flawlessly combines them into one great image showcasing their Sailor and civilian forms.

The new, DVD only English Sailor Stars logo is beautifullysailor moon sailor stars volume 3 dvd: main menu dvd screencap embossed with blue foil as is the "Vol.3" numbering at the bottom and the original Japanese logo appears in regular ink just above the numbering.

The back cover features brief summaries of all six episodes on the disk as well as several images from the episodes edited together around the test.

The inner cover is a nice light blue and features a dual-tone version of the front cover image under the disk.

The Menus

The menus are fast loading and easy to navigate and pretty much identical to the previous two Sailor Stars DVDs. The little animation in the box is nice, showing a bit of footage from the episodes on the disk butsailor moon sailor stars volume 3 dvd: chapter select menu screencap is nowhere near as interesting as it could have been.

The Chapter Select menus continue to confuse just a little as they use the Nehelenia's mirror image as their theme which is strange as that arc only runs for the first six episodes of the season (all of which are on the first Sailor Stars DVD).

The Special Features

Special Features are pretty bare-bones. We do get the textless opening and closing credits and the 15 second promos for the episodes though which is something. First printings of this DVD also came with an exclusive puzzle (continuing the puzzle theme from the closing credits) featuring the DVD cover art and is actually of pretty good quality.

sailor moon sailor stars volume 3 dvd: puzzle, disk and case Still would have liked to see some interviews with Naoko, the voice actors or the production crew though.

The Episodes

This DVD contains six full episodes from the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars season which is a pretty good deal.

All of the episodes have been digitally re-mastered incredibly well. The image quality is ten times better than it was when the show originally aired and definitely better than any VHS or dodgy fansub copy you may have seen online. The audio is only in Japanese and in Mono which is how the show was originally made so you're not missing out on anything really. The sound is very clear with all the speech, sound effects and music at perfect levels.

The episodes themselves are quite enjoyable and each episode moves the series forward, even if just a little.

Episode179 further establishes the dynamic between Sailor Moon, the Inners and the Sailor Starlights while Episode 180 reintroduces Sailor Neptunesailor moon sailor stars volume 3 dvd: episode screencap and Uranus to the mix and makes for some great drama all around.

Episode 181 is the fan favourite episode which features Serena (Usagi) and Seiya's hilarious date.Episode 182 introduces the popular Chibi Chibi into the mix while Episode 183 is a fun Sailor Mars episode that also doubles as the "Summer Swimsuit Episode" of the season.

The DVD closes with the hilarious Episode 184, another fan favourite episode that many refer to as the funniest Sailor Moon anime episode of any season.

All of these episode are incredibly entertaining and offer something for every kind of Sailor Moon fan wether it be fans of the Outers, action, plot or humor, these episodes have a bit of everything and they've never looked or sounded this good. Definitely worth checking out.

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