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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Stars Vol. 1

Here we are with the first Region 2 Sailor Stars DVD! Talk about a long wait, huh?

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Wow, I love this cover. Many of you have noticed that this is the same image used on the VCD releases of the Sailor Click for a larger pic of the DVD Main Menu!Stars series in the 90's, however they didn't just copy and paste it, the touched it up, made it look a lot more "shiny" and actually, very similar in style with Pioneer's DVD covers for S and SuperS. Hell, they've even used the English Sailormoon title on the front of the DVD! This will fit right in with my collection.

The Menus

This being my first Region 2 Sailormoon Anime DVD I found the Main Menu to be completely different than what I expected. What we get is the night-time skyline of Tokyo after it's healed ala the Sailor Stars Opening Credits with animated city lights Click for a larger pic of the DVD Chapter Menu!and an active box in the top left with clips of the episodes on the disk. Not very original, but crisp, clear and easy to navigate. The Chapter Select Menus are rather nice as it uses Nehelenia's mirrors as it's theme. Actually a pretty good idea and works very well. Chapter options aren't that great though, as we get basically 3 chapters; the opening, eye catch and second part and the preview of the next episode. Quite a lot of fast forwarding is still required if you're after that one special scene.

The Special Features

Very basic special features, but this is expected as it's a 6 disk season and has had 4 seasons released before it. Original content would understandably be hard to think of. What we get though it actually what Moonies would want, though not all Moonies would want. We get clean (i.e. no credits) opening and closing credits. Nothing else, but the picture quality is great. For the first time I noticed the aurora in the opening credits as the Click for a larger sample pic of the picture quality! title comes on and the texture in the individual Sailor Soldier montages. A LOT more detail is noticeable with this release.

The Episodes: This disk contains the first 6 episodes of the Sailor Stars season. It's worth noting that the first 6 episodes work as a kind of epilogue to the SuperS season, giving the story the finale it deserved and a prequel to the Sailor Stars season by introducing certain elements that will be touched sailor moon sailor stars volume 1 dvd: puzzle, disk and case upon as the season progressed.

Episode 167 is a fantastic start to what many consider the best Sailor Moon season. Lots of plot development and the animation and character design is some of the best ever seen in the anime.

Episode 168, Episode 169, Episode 170 and Episode 171 continue the story arc of Nehelenia's awakening while Episode 172 concludes the arc in beautiful style and sets the stage for the main Sailor Galaxia arc that will continue for the rest of the Sailor Stars season.

The Nehelenia arc of Sailor Stars is definitely a fan favourite arc for many fans, including myself and it's easy to see why. Not one of these episodes is filler as one would expect. Instead time if given to focus on the characters of the Inners and Outers equally creating a very fulfilling Sailor Moon experience. Fans of Sailor Saturn in particular will be very happy with these episodes.

A must have for any Moonie.

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