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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together

Episode 168

Sailor Stars

Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together

Serena and Darien are on their first date in a while. Serena is excited and nervous about suggesting to Darien that they take their relationship to the next level but Darien is distant and simply agrees with everything Serena says.

Eventually Serena gets fed up and yells at him. As she stands up, the sun reflects off of her balloon which triggers a Nehelenia related vision in Darien's head. He screams and slaps Serena's hand, making her let go of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together the balloon which floats away.

He apologises and goes home to rest.

Later on Serena meets up with Raye, Mina, Lita and Amy at Crown Fruits Palor and finds them talking about a sexy English language tv show host. They notice Serena's down and listen as she tells them what happened.

Meanwhile at Amara, Michelle and Trista's house Amara and Michelle have just arrived home and are greeted by Hotaru who tells them both about all the studying she has done today. Trista tells them that she's growing both physically and mentally at an alarming rate.

While they talk, Hotaru sees a butterflySailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together and reaches out to touch it.

When Amara, Trista and Michelle look at Hotaru again they're shocked to see that she's disappeared. They go inside to search for her and find her in her room.

The three relax but are surprised when Hotaru manifests an ability to show the timeline of the entire Universe and high speed. They watch as the Universe created and speeds up to reach the present.

They see their solar system and notice the Moon which Michelle notices looks like a oure white pearl.

Suddenly a black energy surrounds the Moon and causes Hotaru to fall back in shock. Amara catches her. Hotaru whispers to her that the princess is in danger.

The next day Serena and the others are window shopping. Serena is still concerned Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together about Darien but all the girls tell her to relax as they begin perving on two hot guys who're walking down the street.

Unknown to them, Nehelenia watches them from the store window's reflection.

That night Nehelenia tries to enter Hotaru's bedroom. Hotaru gets scared and yells for her to go away. Suddenly the spirit of Sailor Saturn appears before Hotaru and scares the image of Nehelenia away.

Sailor Saturn tells Hotaru that she is her true self and that she must now awaken. She instructs Hotaru to close her eyes as she places her index finger on her forehead and returns her memories to her. One by one, Hotaru remembers her past as both Hotaru and her life as Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9.

In the lounge room Amara, Michelle and Trista are discussing what happened earlier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together when Hotaru appears in the doorway, now much older and naked. She tells them that the princess is in danger and that they must join up with the other Sailors.

At Serena's house, Serena is watching a small bird from her bedroom window. Suddenly Nehelenia whispers to her that she has "him". A giant black bird suddenly swoops down and takes the small bird. Serena simply assumes she imagined the voice.

In the morning Serena and Rini meet up with the others at Raye's temple. Raye tells them that she had stopped an evil force from entering her temple's mirror the other day. The others mention that they had noticed a lot of people fixated on mirrors lately.

Suddenly several Mirror Palais Dollies appear from shards of glass on the ground. Mina yells Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together for all of them to transform. Sailor Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury manage to destroy a few with Venus Love and Beauty Shock, Mars Flame Sniper, Jupiter Oak Evolution and Mercury Aqua Rhapsody but they quickly rebuild themselves and capture them.

As Sailor Moon and Mini Moon look at their friends in shock, they're distracted by the arrival of Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Sailor Pluto. After introducing themselves they reveal Sailor Saturn who tells Sailor Moon it is time for her to truly awaken as the Princess of the Moon.

One by one all the Sailors summon their planetary powers and send it towards Super Sailor Moon causing her Crisis Moon Compact to power up into the Eternal Moon Article. By yelling out "Moon Eternal Make Up!" she transforms into Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Saturn Awakens! The Ten Sailor Soldiers Come Together Eternal Sailor Moon and destroys all the Mirror Palais Dollies with a silent Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss.

As the Dollies shatter, Eternal Sailor Moon weakens and reverts back to her Super form and collapses. All the Sailors run to her.

In Darien's apartment, Darien has become obsessed with mirrors and has filled his apartment with them. He slowly looks at himself in the mirror and thinks to himself how he feels like his body isn't his.

Queen Nehelenia appears and holds him and whispers that he belongs to her now.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our final look at Sailor Saturn's original form and her new Super form. We also saw Serena transform into Eternal Sailor Moon for the first time in this episode though the Eternal form had been seen in the previous episode in Hotaru's vision.

The super powerful silent attack Eternal Sailor Moon used to destroy the Dollies in this episode was Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. It'll get named and an extended animation sequence very soon.

Eternal Sailor Moon's Eternal Moon Article and Eternal Tiare appeared for the first time in this episode.

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