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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born!

Episode 192

Sailor Stars

Straight to Your Dream! Idol Mina (Minako) is Born!

Mina has received a letter in the mail telling her she's reached the final round in an idol contest! She's happy at first which makes Artemis smile but then turns sad and walks out of the room.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born! They both go to meet everyone else at Crown Fruits Parlor. They all talk about the Three Lights being so busy with all of their idol duties. Mina then tells everyone that at this point in their lives they should all be focusing on study and not dreams of becoming an idol. She then leaves.

Artemis tells the girls that Mina had made the final round in the contest but feels that with their planet in jeopardy she must focus on her Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born!responsibilities as a Sailor Soldier.

Serena and the girls go and cheer up Mina and tell her that she should focus on her dream harder because their planet's in jeopardy and that if needed they will all fight harder for her.

Mina goes to the final round with Artemis. When there she sees that Yaten is one of the judges. Yaten tells her that she shouldn't be here and that she should be taking her duty as a Sailor Soldier more seriously. Mina tells him that she thinks her dream is important and that all of her friends are supporting her.

Mina gets up on stage and sings her song, Route Venus very nervously. When she gets back stage Artemis tells her that being just average won't do and that he wants her to really Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born!shine.

In the next round while dancing, Mina nervously knocks over another dancer but happily helps her up and then continues to dance with lots of energy. The judges including Yaten are very impressed.

When asked why she wants to be an idol Mina answers that she wants to inspire people like the Three Lights do. Yaten angrily asks her if she has something more important to do. Mina replies that nothing is more important that following her dreams. The other judge, Takuya Moroboshi tells Yaten that she's right.

Elsewhere in the studio Serena, Luna and Chibi Chibi have arrived to cheer Mina on but have gotten lost. They continue to wonder around throughout the entire competition.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born! Back stage, Mina and Yaten talk and Yaten finally begins to see Mina's point of view and wonders about what he could do besides his mission. Suddenly Sailor Tin Nyanko attacks Takuya. Yaten and Mina both transform. Eternal Sailor Moon appears first on the scene and commands her to stop. Super Sailor Venus then steps up behind her followed by Sailor Lead Crow who Tin Nyanko had tied up so she could get the Star Seed. The two Animates fight and then retreat in their phone booth when they see the Star Seed isn't a true one.

Takuya transforms into the Phage, Sailor Musician.Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born! Sailor Venus attacks him with Venus Love and Beauty Shock followed by Sailor Star Healer with Star Sensitive Inferno.

Eternal Sailor Moon then heals him with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Moments later when they're all back in their civilian forms, Yaten tells Mina that he thought she shone the brightest out of all the contestants. Suddenly as Chibi Chibi chases Artemis and Luna around and then crashes, Yaten smells his princess' perfume.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born! A few days later, Mina gets another letter. She opens it with Artemis and is pleased to see that she won the contest! Surprisingly though she puts the letter back in the envelope and tells Artemis that she's confident that she can be an idol whenever she wants but right now it's more important for her to be with her friends.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born!

Monster of the Day

Sailor Musician was the final Monster of the Day in the Sailor Moon anime! He had a very cool design though unfortunately not that many cool powers. He was easily weakened by Sailor Star Healer and Super Sailor Venus before being healed by Eternal Sailor Moon's Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Star Healer got a new transformation in this episode and it's loads better than the first one.

This was the final episode directed by Yuji Endo who directed several major Sailor Venus episodes such as Sailor V Makes the Scene, Nightmare Garden and Go For An Idol! Mina's (Minako's) Ambition.

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