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Moon Tiara Boomerang

Also Called
Moon Tiara Frisbee (original Japanese and English manga)

First Manga Appearance
Act 1 (New Manga #1) / Act 1 (Original Manga)

See Also
anime - live action

In Brief: Sailor Moon's first real offensive attack which varies slightly within each version of Sailor Moon. Used throughout the series but became obsolete when Sailor Moon evolved into her tiara-less Eternal Sailor Moon form.

Cultural: Tiaras were used by ancient people in Mesopotamia and unlike today, their tiaras were made out of leather or fabric. The Persian tiara featured less fabric and more jewels bringing it closer to the modern version.
Today a tiara is a lot more basic made from metal and normally in a basic semi-circle occassionally featuring numerous jewels and normally used in special occassions such as beauty pageants or a wedding to recreate a sense of history and importance.
Funnily enough, tiaras are almost always worn on top of a woman's hair, however Sailor Moon seems to have her's focuses mainly on her forehead with the sides slipping under her fringe and attatching itself just in front of her ears.
Tiaras in general symbolise power and a sense of royalty.

The Attack: In the manga, Sailor Moon removes the tiara as if by magic and morphs it into a round frisbee shape and throws it at her opponent while yelling "Moon Tiara Frisbee!". It's interesting to note that in the manga's frisbee form, the gem on the tiara becomes more sharp, like a diamond and sits on top of the tiara.

When the manga was re-released the attack was renamed "Moon Tiara Boomerang" to match the live action version of the attack where the taira actually transformed into a boomerang.

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