Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.16 Abduction - Sailor Mercury -

Original Air Date: 21st February 2015

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.16 abduction - sailor mercury -

As Sailor Mars is taken away by Rubeus, Usagi sees Chibi Usa and assumes that she has something to do with the enemy. Chibi Usa gets scared and runs away. Usagi starts to follow her but Luna stops her.

Usagi goes home and feels terrible about losing Mars and yelling at Chibi Usa who was just a child.

Later that night at Mamoru’s apartment, Luna drops by and tells Mamoru that Chibi Usa is by herself in a nearby park. They both go and get her and let her sleep in his apartment.

While Chibi Usa is sleeping she has a nightmare about being in a desolate city by herself with a black planet hovering in the sky. She wakes up with a start and begins to cry. Mamoru cheers her up with a Tuxedo Mask puppet and Chibi Usa shows him and Luna her Luna P ball which can talk. Chibi Usa asks Mamoru if Sailor Moon is invincible and he tells her that she is.

Mamoru sees the mysterious key and crystal hanging around Chibi Usa’s neck. She quickly hides it.

Luna contacts Ami, Minako and Makoto to let them know what’s happening. The three girls are determined to find out more about their enemy but are unsure where to start.

The next morning, Mamoru and Luna take Chibi Usa back to Usagi’s. Usagi sees them and feels betrayed. Ikuko takes Chibi Usa inside while Mamoru tries to cheer Usagi up. He tells her that he doesn’t think Chibi Usa is bad and that she told him she came to get help for her mother. He hugs her but Usagi is still upset.

At school, Ami senses a broke water pipe with her water-related powers. As she tells the school’s groundskeeper, Berthier of the Black Moon reveals herself to her but quickly disappears.

Ami decides to go for a swim to calm her nerves and is joined by Naru and Usagi. They start talking and Ami tells them how her father taught her how to swim and that he and her mother are now divorced.

As the three walk to the change rooms, they see a TV broadcast with Berthier on it. Berthier challenges Ami to a chess match.

Ami meets Berthier and the two begin their chess match in front of a large audience of strangers and Usagi, Makoto and Minako.

Berthier begins to taunt Ami about her fear of losing everyone and reveals that she is indeed part of Black Moon and they’re after Chibi Usa who they refer to as “Rabbit” (literally the English version of “Usagi”, her real name).

Just as Ami’s fear gets a hold of her, Usagi calls out support from the audience and Ami realises that even if all her friends do disappear, their love that they’ve given her will remain. She wins the game.

Berthier runs out of the building and Ami follows. The girls try to go with Ami but the crowd of people reveal themselves to be Droids from Black Moon and stop them.

As they get outside, Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury. Several policemen run towards her but she scans them and realises they’re just robots being controlled by Berthier. She quickly destroys them with a new attack, Shine Snow Illusion.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.16 abduction - sailor mercury -

Berthier responds by capturing Mercury in a giant water attack. Sailor Moon, Venus and Jupiter arrive. Sailor Moon destroys Berthier with Moon Princess Halation but Mercury remains trapped in her water trap.

Rubeus appears and takes Mercury to his UFO which quickly flies away.

Sailor Moon screams out for Mercury while Chibi Usa, watches from afar and wonders if Sailor Moon is a strong as she had been told.

Interesting Facts

Ami’s father appeared for the first time in this episode, though only in flashback.

Sailor Mercury used Shine Snow Illusion for the first time in this episode.

The park Luna and Mamoru find Chibi Usa in is in fact a real park located within Azabu Juban called Amishiro Park.

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