Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter -

Original Air Date: 6th September 2014

Usagi is walking with Luna down the street when they’re almost hit by a car! Luckily a tall, brown-haired girl saves them. As she leaves them, Usagi notices how nice she smells.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.5 makoto - sailor jupiter -

Later at school, Naru and the girls are talking about an apparently haunted bridal shop. Usagi then sees the same girl from before walking down the school corridor. Umino explains that she’s a new student and that rumour has it she was expelled from her old school for fighting.

At lunch time, Usagi finds the new girl and complements her on her lunch. The girl introduces herself as Makoto and the two quickly become good friends. As they connect, Makoto gets a sudden vision of the same white palace Ami and Rei had seen. Usagi takes Makoto to Crown Arcade after school and Makoto impresses everyone with her gaming skills. Ami in particular is impressed.

When Motoki shows up, Makoto blushes and realises that he looks like someone she knew before.

Usagi, Makoto and Ami then swing by Rei’s shrine and Rei immediately senses something unusual about Makoto. Usagi and Ami then walk home together and say goodbye to Makoto.

Back at Crown, Motoki gets hypnotised by a possessed bride mannequin. Seemingly possessed, Motoki seeks out Makoto and tries to hypnotise her as well to steal her energy. Mamoru happens to see this and runs off as fast as he can.

He changes into Tuxedo Mask and wakes Usagi up in her bedroom. Usagi follows him and sees Makoto having her energy drained. Rei and Ami arrive and they all transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury.

Nephrite materialises behind the mannequin. Sailor Mars attacks with Akuryo Taisan but it’s ineffective. Nephrite then attacks them all and knocks them to the ground.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.5 makoto - sailor jupiter -

Nephrite laughs at how easy it is to trick humans with concepts of love and appearance. This snaps Makoto out of her trance and she throws the mannequin away. Suddenly she feels a surge of power and the planet Jupiter’s symbol appears on her forehead. Luna throws her her pen and she transforms into Sailor Jupiter!

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.5 makoto - sailor jupiter -

Sailor Jupiter immediately attacks with Flower Hurricane which distracts Nephrite and the mannequin. Nephrite gets déjà vu while looking at Jupiter. Before he can think too much about it though, Sailor Jupiter attacks with Jupiter Thunderbolt which completely destroys the mannequin and forces him to retreat.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.5 makoto - sailor jupiter -

Luna sees Tuxedo Mask fly away and realises that he helped them.

The four Sailor Guardians go to the nearby Arisugawa Park. Jupiter tells them that she had sensed something and felt compelled to move here. Luna materialises the Moon Stick and announces that now that they have four Sailor Guardians, they’re officially a team and Sailor Moon is the leader!

Interesting Facts

While Makoto did appear in the closing shot of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4, this episode was her first proper introduction.

Sailor Jupiter used her attacks, Flower Hurricane and Jupiter Thunderbolt for the first time in this episode.

The popular item, the Moon Stick appeared for the first time in this episode.

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