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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.4 Masquerade

Original Air Date: 16th August 2014

In her secret headquarters, Luna is looking at her profiles for Usagi, Ami and Rei and pulls up Mamoru’s. She’s unsure if he’s an ally or villain.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

The next day at Crown, Ami and Rei are talking about how amazing it is to be Sailor Guardians of Justice while Luna reminds them that they need to find the princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. Ami wonders if Luna can sense the princess like she could them and Luna theorises that perhaps the princess’ power has been sealed away somehow.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

As Usagi gets home she sees her father all dressed up. He tells her that he’s going to a big dance party for the visiting Princess D to interview someone for a magazine.

As soon as he leaves, Usagi transforms into a princess and tells Luna that they’re going to the party too.

Ami and Rei join Usagi and Luna and manage to get into the building where the dance is being held, though Luna is stopped at security due to a no animal policy.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

Ami and Rei go looking to see if the Legendary Silver Crystal is here while Usagi gets excited and goes to dance. Almost immediately she bumps into someone and gets a drink all over her dress. She rushes to clean it and drops her handkerchief which is picked up by Tuxedo Mask.

He follows her onto the balcony and asks her to dance. Luna then calls out to Usagi which scares Tuxedo Mask away.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

Upstairs, Rei and Ami see Princess D enter her room. When the woman with her is revealed to be up to no good, Princess D screams and Ami and Rei enter. The woman transforms into Nephrite and possesses the princess and runs out of the room with the crystal. Ami and Rei transform.

On the dance floor the possessed Princess D releases a power that causes everyone to pass out. Usagi runs onto the balcony and is pushed over the edge by D. Tuxedo Mask grabs her but also falls over. Usagi uses the Disguise Pen and transforms it into a magical umbrella that slows their decent. Tuxedo Mask runs away and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Suddenly she realises that she has no tiara and remembers that it was destroyed during the battle with Jadeite.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

Remembering her dance with Tuxedo Mask, her body begins to glow and a new tiara appears on her forehead!

Nephrite’s spirit appears above Princess D’s body. Mars attacks it with Akuryo Taisan but it just goes right through him. Luna yells for Sailor Moon to use her new tiara and reflect the Moon’s light.

Sailor Moon focuses the Moon’s light and blasts Nephrite with a powerful energy beam.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

His spirit leaves D and he appears along with Jadeite, Zoisite and Kunzite on the roof of the opposite building. They threaten the three Sailor Guardians and then disappear.

Princess D regains consciousness and begins to look for her glasses that had fallen off. Luna and the girls run away and are surprised how attractive D is without glasses on.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

Soon afterwards, Rei and Ami watch the reveal of the princess’ crystal which turns out to be a crystal statue of Princess D herself. Usagi, still transformed as Sailor Moon, is asleep on the balcony apparently resting after using her new tiara. Tuxedo Mask walks up to her and kisses her. Sailor Moon begins to awaken and has a brief recollection of a silhouette of a prince she knew long ago.

Luna arrives and demands to know if Tuxedo Mask is an ally. He replies that since he’s also after the crystal he could be an enemy. He leaps over the balcony and disappears.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

Nearby, a girl with brown hair turns around as lightning strikes and it begins to rain.

Interesting Facts

Kunzite appeared for the first time in this episode as did Usagi's father.

While unnamed in this episode, Sailor Moon's moonlight attack that she used for the first time is called, Moon Twilight Flash.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese and English in the title screen for this episode was switched from the way it was shown in the preview at the end of Act.3.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.4 masquerade

Sailor Moon got her second tiara in this episode.

Shopping Info

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Vol.2
sailor moon crystal blu-ray set volume 2 featuring sailor mercury

DVD: / /
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More information in the Sailor Moon Crystal DVD and Blu-ray Shopping Guide.

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