Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask -

Original Air Date: 5th October 2014

Now that Mamoru and Usagi both know who each other are, Mamoru tells Usagi how his parents were killed and that he has been suffering from amnesia since he was a boy. He explains how he has been driven by these dreams of a woman asking for the Legendary Silver Crystal and that is why he dresses up as Tuxedo Mask.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.7 mamoru chiba - tuxedo mask -

Usagi senses a strong connection to him and begins to blush. As she goes to leave, Mamoru grabs her romantically but quickly gives her her bag and stops things from getting any more serious.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl recalls how she had originally been drawn by some mysterious force and found the remains of this evil palace and awoken the unholy Queen Metalia. She tells Metalia that the Sailor Guardians have been reborn and that they may have the Legendary Silver Crystal. Metalia commands Queen Beryl to defeat them and get the crystal first if they don’t have it already.

In Azabu Juban, Rei discovers a suspicious video rental business which is obviously a Dark Kingdom plot brainwashing citizens to find Sailor Moon.

At school, Usagi is discussing Sailor V with Ami and Makoto. Umino overhears them and tells them that Sailor Moon is all the rage now. Luna appears and Ami asks her if she really doesn’t know anything about Sailor V. Luna acts evasive and doesn’t tell them that she had been communicating with Sailor V directly only moments before via the control centre.

Usagi then gets some tomato sauce on her face and searches for a handkerchief. Instead she discovers Mamoru’s watch which had fallen onto her in the previous battle. She decides to keep the revelation that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask a secret from everyone.

In class, everyone begins acting strangely. All over Tokyo people are falling into trances and searching for Sailor Moon.

Ami, Makoto and Rei transform and go to track down the source of the evil energy, Zoisite. Usagi transforms and heals everyone with Moon Healing Escalation before joining Mercury, Jupiter and Mars in their fight.

Sailor Jupiter attacks with Sparkling Wide Pressure, Mercury with Shine Aqua Illusion and Mars with Akuryo Taisan but they’re no match for Zoisite’s power.

Sailor Moon arrives and begins to power up her Moon Twilight Flash attack but Zoisite grabs her before she can fire it. Tuxedo Mask appears and punches Zoisite but is still unable to free Sailor Moon.

Suddenly a golden flash hits Zoisite. It’s Sailor V!

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