Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.2 Ami - Sailor Mercury -

Original Air Date: 19th July 2014

While sitting outside on her own, Ami overhears two boys talking about how smart she is and how she has no friends. She gets up to move and sees Usagi with her friends.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

Elsewhere, Jadeite talks with his leader, Queen Beryl. She’s not happy with his progress and demands that he get more energy and find the Legendary Silver Crystal. Jadeite leaves and summons a new monster to help him.

That evening, Luna, who is now living with Usagi, tells Usagi that they have to find their allies and princess. Usagi asks if Tuxedo Mask and Sailor V are their allies but Luna tells her that she’s got her eye on someone else already.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

Luna leaves to go to a high tech computer room of some sort. Looking at the monitor we see that she is investigating Ami!

The next day, Usagi has done poorly on another test. While walking around Azabu Juban, she sees Ami who is patting Luna. Luna leaps up onto Ami’s shoulder. Usagi runs up to them and apologizes for her cat. As their hands touch, Ami gets a flash of a beautiful palace. Usagi invites Ami to hang out with her and secretly wonders if being friends with Ami will make her smarter.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

They go to Crown to play the Sailor V video game. Ami does really well and a crowd gathers around her to watch. She seems happy to feel popular for a change. As a prize for doing well in the game, the machine pops out a blue pen! Usagi wants one too and shakes it until a pink one pops out for her too. Ami then has to go to her cram school, Crystal Seminar.

As she arrives, she immediately begins studying on the computer. Her instructor, who is obviously the monster Jadeite created, gives her a disk to use. As soon as Ami puts it in her computer, she falls into a trance.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

The following day, Usagi’s friend, Kuri is acting strange. Naru mentions that Kuri has started going to Crystal Seminar too. They decide to go have some ice cream and Usagi goes to find Ami to ask if she wants to join them. She finds her in the library and notices that they’re both carrying the pens from yesterday. Ami begins to fall into a trance when asked to go for ice cream and tells Usagi that she has to study. Luna arrives and tells Usagi, Ami is acting weird. They find a CD Ami left behind and take it with them.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

At Azabu Juban Station, the instructor is giving out pamphlets for Crystal Seminar. Usagi takes one but thinks it’s strange and throws it away. By chance it hits the man she had met previously. He tells her he’s not a bin and says that he heard the cat talk. Usagi and Luna run away. Usagi wonders why she feels so excited around him.

The instructor gives the man a pamphlet for the cram school.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

When Usagi and Luna get home they analyse Ami’s CD and find a brainwashing program. They decide to investigate the cram school. Luna tells Usagi to use the pen from the arcade to transform. Usagi does so and changes into a nurse! She gets inside and finds Ami, who is being attacked by the instructor.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon but the instructor, now in her true monster form, attacks her with flying paper razors. Sailor Moon begins to scream and activates her sonic waves. They don’t work though and she is trapped by the paper.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

Luna tells Ami to transform with her pen. Ami does so and becomes Sailor Mercury! Mercury attacks with Aqua Mist which creates a thick fog. Tuxedo Mask arrives and saves Sailor Moon who then defeats the monster with Moon Tiara Boomerang.

Later as they walk home, Usagi and Ami decide to become friends, Jadeite looks out over Tokyo and is furious that another Sailor Guardian has awoken.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.2 ami - sailor mercury

Nearby in Azabu Juban’s Hikawa Shrine, a mysterious shrine maiden meditates.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mercury and Queen Beryl both appeared for the first time in this episode. Rei, who becomes Sailor Mars, also had a small cameo in the last scene.

Sailor Moon used her disguise power and Sailor Mercury used her move, Aqua Mist for the first time. Interestingly enough, while Sailor Mercury didn't use a move at all in the scene in the manga (the mist just materialised when she awoke) and used Mercury Bubbles Blast (Shabon Spray) in the previous anime, in this episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, her attack, while similar in function to Mercury Bubbles Blast, takes its name from the live action show.

If you look closely at Luna's computer and its reflection in her eyes, you can see that she is investigating Tuxedo Mask and Rei (Sailor Mars)!

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