Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.18 Invasion - Sailor Venus -

Original Air Date: 21st March 2015

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.18 invasion - sailor venus -

Rubeus takes the defeated Sailor Jupiter away in a UFO while Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus watch in horror. Venus feels responsible for being unable to serve her princess properly.

Luna discovers an earring dropped by Petz. They take it back to the Control Centre under Crown Arcade and speculate that the Black Moon people could be aliens. Usagi, Minako and Mamoru decide to confront Chibi Usa about the enemy and find out what she knows.

As they arrive at Usagi’s house they’re greeted by Chibi Usa who is very happy due to a friend of hers from school, Momoko having visited. As soon as she sees Mamoru holding the earring in his hand, she begins screaming hysterically.

Usagi, Minako and Mamoru take Chibi Usa upstairs and ask her what she knows. She refuses to talk and Mamoru suggests that they stop pressuring her. Usagi tells Chibi Usa that if she won’t help them, they can’t be friends.

Up in the UFO, the mysterious Wiseman instructs the remaining members of Black Moon to continue their search for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Rubeus finds Calaveras who is communing with the deceased spirits of her three dead sisters. She tells him she has a plan to defeat the Sailor Guardians.

The next day at school, Naru tries to cheer Usagi up with a hug. The two then find Umino who shows them a new DVD he got about channelling. They watch the DVD which features Calaveras pretending to channel Rubeus. She tells the audience that the Black Moon are after peace and that the people of the White Moon are the enemy. Usagi runs off to investigate and Naru thinks about how she’s been aware of something out of the ordinary being connected with Usagi for a while now.

In the Control Centre, Minako is watching the same DVD which goes on to announce a special event the next day in Tokyo. Minako tells Artemis that she will go investigate.

Rei’s schoolmate, Kotono is also watching the DVD and thinks of Rei’s disappearance. Elsewhere, Asanuma sees a broadcast of the same program and wonders why he hasn’t seen Makoto since their last meeting.

That night, Mamoru summons Kunzite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Jadeite and asks for their advice. They tell him to believe in his own power but he insists that he has none.

The next morning, Chibi Usa steals Usagi’s Crystal Star Brooch and runs off with it. Usagi begins looking for her which leaves Minako and Artemis to investigate the channelling event by themselves.

Calaveras begins her performance and brainwashes the audience to search for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Kotono, Asanuma and Naru, who were in the audience, fall under her spell.

Artemis knocks over the TV station video camera before Calaveras can broadcast her mind control worldwide and Minako transforms into Sailor Venus. Calaveras summons the spirits of her sisters and Sailor Venus attacks them with a new attack, Rolling Heart Vibration which unfortunately goes right through their spectral forms. Calaveras counterattacks Venus with a massive electrical blast.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.18 invasion - sailor venus -

Elsewhere, Usagi finds Chibi Usa and Rubeus finds them both. Before he can harm them though, Tuxedo Mask arrives. Remembering the advice he was given earlier, he summons his own power and attacks Rubeus with his first ever special attack, Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber which blasts right through Rubeus’ fire. Rubeus retreats.

Usagi gets her brooch from Chibi Usa and transforms into Sailor Moon. She finds her way to where Venus is and defeats Calaveras with Moon Princess Halation.

Sailor Moon, Venus and Tuxedo Mask confront Chibi Usa once more and she reveals that she already has one Legendary Silver Crystal and was trying to use a second one to get power to save her mother even though she knew combining two could be dangerous.

Chibi Usa then begs Sailor Moon to help her save the 30th Century. She’s from the future!

Interesting Facts

Sailor Venus used Rolling Heart Vibration and Tuxedo Mask used Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, both for the first time.

If you pay close attention, the entire sequence with Calaveras’ broadcast makes no sense as it starts with Umino showing Usagi and Naru a DVD he bought and concludes with a public broadcast. It’s possible that the DVD is a copy of the broadcast but it appears as if it’s live TV especially when you consider the fact that Calaveras invites viewers to watch her live performance in the city “tomorrow”.

In a rare display of awareness, this episode shows normal supporting characters possibly investigating a villain’s appearance in Tokyo with both Asanuma and Kotono seemingly going to Calaveras’ performance due to suspicions that she’s involved with Makoto and Rei’s disappearances. Naru is also present at the performance though it’s likely she went simply as a fan as shown by her interest in the subject earlier in the episode. Poor Ami has no friends besides the Sailor Guardians to worry about her disappearance.

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