Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.25 Showdown - Death Phantom -

Original Air Date: 4th July 2015

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -

As Prince Demande begins to merge the two Legendary Silver Crystals, Sailor Pluto uses her Garnet Rod to stop time.

As she does so, she remembers the original warning Queen Serenity gave her back in the Moon Kingdom in the past where she was told that she would die if she ever stopped time. Sailor Pluto uses her powers to un-freeze Tuxedo Mask, Usagi, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Luna, and Artemis and then collapses.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: sailor mars, sailor jupiter, sailor venus, and sailor mercury in crystal tokyo

Weak, Sailor Pluto instructs Usagi to retrieve the Legendary Silver Crystal from the frozen Prince Demande. Usagi hesitates but does as she’s told. Seeing the crystals safe makes Sailor Pluto happy.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: young sailor pluto

Sailor Pluto then looks at the hologram of King Endymion and the two of them share a moment. Sailor Pluto then tells Usagi that she always wished that she could have fought alongside her and the other Sailor Guardians and begins to cry. She them summons Diana, who had been guarding the Space Time Door, thanks her for helping, and then dies.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: king endymion in crystal tokyo

Time begins to start up again and Black Lady sees the dead Sailor Pluto and everyone crying around her body. She begins to recall all of her memories with her and suddenly a bright light awakens from within her body, a new crystal appears, and she transforms into a Sailor Guardian, Sailor Chibi Moon!

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: dead sailor pluto

Sailor Chibi Moon runs towards Sailor Pluto and immediately regrets her actions. Wiseman begins to taunt everyone. However, Usagi, motivated by what has just happens, uses her Legendary Silver Crystal to transform into Sailor Moon. She then picks up her cracked Moon Rod and attacks Wiseman with Moon Princess Halation.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: sailor mini moon's first transformation

Tuxedo Mask helps Sailor Moon and lends her his power while Sailor Mercury attacks with Shine Aqua Illusion, Sailor Mars with Burning Mandala, Sailor Jupiter with Sparkling Wide Pressure, and Sailor Venus with Venus Love Me Chain. Sailor Chibi Moon wonders if she has a power like the Sailor Guardians have.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: sailor moon facing wiseman / death phantom in crystal tokyo

For a moment it seems like they’re defeating Wiseman but he quickly recovers and sends a powerful blast of energy at them. Luckily, Prince Demande blocks the attack and claims that he should be the one to kill Sailor Moon but Wiseman will have none of this and destroys him.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.25 showdown - death phantom -: sailor moon, tuxedo mask, sailor mercury, sailor mars, sailor venus, sailor jupiter, and sailor mini moon facing death phantom

Wiseman then sucks everyone down into the depths of the planet’s darkness and reveals his true form, Death Phantom. Sailor Moon vows to never let him have the planet Earth.

Interesting Facts

This was the first time Chibi Usa transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon. While the proper English translation of her name is Sailor Mini Moon (which impressively manages to represent the literal meaning of her Japanese name, sounds similar to the original, and also captures the cuteness of the word chibi), the official English subtitles used in the streaming versions (and likely the future Blu-ray and DVD releases) use Sailor Chibi Moon, so I will use that in these episode guides as well so as to avoid confusion for the reader. In a professional translation, Sailor Mini Moon should be used however (in much the same way Tuxedo Mask is used for the Japanese, Tuxedo Kamen) and because of this, this is how I prefer to refer to the character in English conversation both online and off.

Wiseman properly revealed himself to be Death Phantom in this episode.

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