Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.3 Rei - Sailor Mars -

Original Air Date: 2nd August 2014

In a dark mysterious room, Jadeite bows before Queen Beryl. He is soon joined by Nephrite and Zoisite. Queen Beryl tells them that the Legendary Silver Crystal will give its owner the ability to rule everything. She then commands Jadeite to carry out his mission and defeat the Sailor Guardians.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Elsewhere, a mysterious darkhaired girl prays to fire and senses that something big is going to happen.

At school, Usagi is bored at her desk with Luna while Umino tells her friends about a scary bus that is apparently taking its passengers to Hell. Luna whispers to Usagi that they’re going to meet Ami for a meeting after school at the video game arcade. Hearing this, Usagi sits up and happily agrees to go.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Later at the Crown Arcade, Usagi happily plays the Sailor V video game while Luna tells Ami that they have to find the Legendary Silver Crystal and their princess.

Usagi suddenly gets a prize from the game machine; two Communicators!

Afterwards, Usagi and Ami catch a bus to Ami’s cram school but while on the bus they see a beautiful girl (the same girl from before) and when she gets off, Usagi feels compelled to follow her and gets off as well. Usagi and Luna follow her into a nearby shrine where Usagi is mistaken for an evil presence. The girl attacks her with a charm that knocks her off her feet. The girl helps Usagi up and introduces herself as Rei. Rei suddenly gets a vision of a beautiful palace as their hands touch.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Rei then sees three women who tell her that one of their daughters, Mi, has disappeared. As they walk away, Rei overhears them whispering about how they think Rei may be behind it as she has mysterious powers.

The next day at school, Usagi and Ami put on their Communicators they had gotten the day before. Luna tells them that she suspects Rei could be their princess or possibly something more. After school, Usagi and Luna ride the bus to the shrine and accidentally sit next to the mysterious man they keep running into. He tells them that he’s a high school student and shows them his ID card. Usagi begins to feel nervous around him and tries to hide by holding Luna over her head.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

When they arrive at the Hikawa Shrine they find Rei being confronted by the women from before who are accusing her openly of kidnapping children. Usagi tells them that Rei couldn’t have done such a thing. Rei demands that all the women leave. After a friendly talk, Usagi also leaves. As she does so, Rei gets a vision of Jadeite attacking her. She runs after Usagi but is in turn caught by Jadeite and pulled onto his bus. Usagi sees Rei in the bus as it drives past her and transforms into a flight stewardess. She grabs onto the back of the bus and is taken through a portal. Luna falls away and is caught by Tuxedo Mask who had seen Usagi transform. Luna leaps out of his hands and runs away.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Luna calls Ami and together they use a computer to track down Usagi who has gotten in touch with them via her new communicator.

In this strange dimension, Jadeite looks at the unconscious Rei and feels drawn to her though he has no idea why. Nephrite appears and tells him he’s going a bit too far with his plan but Jadeite tells him that kidnapping all these people will definitely draw out the Sailor Guardians.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Luna and Ami tell Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon. Usagi does so and Ami uses the power of the transformation to teleport herself and Luna to her while transforming into Sailor Mercury at the same time.

They confront Jadeite. Mercury uses her Aqua Mist attack to create a cold fog but Jadeite attacks them both with his ice powers.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Rei wakes up and physically attacks Jadeite. She then realises Sailor Moon is Usagi and feels relieved as she’s now met someone else who has special powers.

Jadeite freezes Rei’s hand but she blasts the ice off with her own powers and suddenly awakens as Sailor Mars! Luna throws her her transformation pen and she transforms. Sailor Moon then traps Jadeite with her tiara by using Moon Tiara Boomerang and Sailor Mars blasts him with her powered up version of the charm attack from earlier, Akuryo Taisan. Jadeite teleports away.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.3 rei - sailor mars -

Later on, as the girls return all the kidnapped victims to Tokyo, the three walk away as new friends and allies.

Interesting Facts

While Rei had a small cameo at the end of the previous episode, this was her first full appearance in Sailor Moon Crystal. Nephrite and Zoisite also appeared for the first time in this episode as did Rei's two guardians, Phobos and Deimos who are much more than meets the eye.

Strangely the character of Rei's grandfather was completely absent in this episode, most likely cut due to limited episode runtime. Hopefully he'll make an appearance in future episodes.

Fans of the original 90s Sailor Moon anime will be disappointed to hear that the character of Yuichiro (Chad in the 90s English version) who was created solely for the 90s anime, most likely won't be appearing in Sailor Moon Crystal due to it sticking closer to the original manga storyline and characters.

Quite a few fans suspect that these two background characters, seen after the bus scene with Usagi and Mamoru, are in fact Motoki's (Andrew in the 90s English version) sister, Unazuki (Lizzy) and girlfriend, Reika (Rita). Both are wearing identical clothing to their appearances in the old anime. What do you think? Cameo or coincidence?

Unazuki (Lizzy) and Reika (Rita) in Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Mars used her Akuryo Taisan attack for the first time in this episode which didn't kill Jadeite (unlike in the manga) but did manage to destroy Sailor Moon's first tiara.

The Communicators appeared for the first time in this episode and possibly confirms that Sailor Moon Crystal is in fact set during the 90s due to the characters not having mobile phones.

Sailor Mars' shrine, the Hikawa Shrine is in fact a real location in Azabu Juban and looks identical to the way it's portrayed in this episode. The street where the bus disappears also exists and is just down the road from the shrine. Note, the shrine where Usagi and Ami catch the bus at the beginning of the episode is not the Hikawa Shrine and is in fact another shrine in Azabu Juban.

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