Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Final Act

Aired: 25th September 2004

Sailor Moon has killed Mamoru who had been possessed by Queen Metallia. In doing so, Sailor Moon, Ami, Makoto and Rei as well as Mamoru's body (now in Endymion form) have been teleported back to the Dark Kingdom.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon stands in a trance, in complete shock over what she has done to the man she loved.

Suddenly Queen Beryl appears and yells at Sailor Moon for killing Endymion and also Queen Metallia. She calls her the harbinger of destruction as everywhere she goes, chaos follows.
Makoto, Ami and Rei defend her by saying that Sailor Moon saved the planet from Metallia and herself.

While the fighting is going on, Ami notices Sailor Moon has begun to whisper to herself about having killed Endymion. Ami yells at Usagi to resist but it's too late, the Moon Princess takes control and transforms Sailor Moon into Princess Sailor Moon.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Jadeite then arrives and tells Beryl to leave as it's not safe, but she does not move.

Princess Sailor Moon decides to leave and teleports Mamoru's body away. She then begins to magically levitate all the rocks in the area. Queen Beryl leers at her and tells her this is why she thinks she is nothing but a spoilt girl. Suddenly Princess Sailor Moon wills the rocks to fly at Beryl in one furious attack. Luckily Jadeite gets to his queen and teleports her and himself away.

Ami, Rei and Makoto, knocked down by the attack stand up and see Princess Sailor Moon walking away. Ami runs after her but is blasted back by Princess Sailor Moon's sword.

Live Action Sailor Moon: They all realise that Usagi seems to be completely suppressed and that Princess Sailor Moon will destroy the world in her grief. Ami stands up and decides that she can fight Usagi because the real Usagi doesn't want to do what she's about to do. Hesitantly Rei and Makoto agree and they all transform for the final time into Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars.

As they reach Princess Sailor Moon who seems to be walking to a tall tower in the Dark Kingdom palace, they yell at her to stop. She does so but summons a hoard of moon Youma who begin to attack them and then continues walking.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Mercury pulls out her Star Tambourine and summons the power of her planet, Mercury causing the Star Tambourine to transform into the Mercury Sword!

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Sailor Mars pulls out her Star Tambourine as well as, by instinct or fate, Sailor Venus' Star Tambourine. She summons the power of planet Mars and both of the Star Tambourines transform into two Mars and Venus Daggers!

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter who is also in need of extra power while fighting the moon Youma, holds up her Star Tambourine and after summoning the power of planet Jupiter triggers it's transformation into the powerful Jupiter Spear!

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl is standing where the Queen Metallia once rested and reflects on her kingdom which is now collapsing around her due to the power of Princess Sailor Moon. Jadeite then appears behind her and tells her he wishes to stay with her until the end. Beryl then tells him that she's had enough of playing queen and removes the curse on his body.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Surprisingly, Jadeite stays. Beryl is shocked but Jadeite tells her it has been his choice to serve and protect her. Beryl then calls him a fool and holds out her hand to him. Jadeite reaches out to hold it as the roof collapses, killing them both.

Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury are putting up a good fight, but it's still no use. They can't reach Princess Sailor Moon who has reached the base of the tower and begun to glow and float up towards the peak.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Still in shock, Princess Sailor Moon withdraws her moon Youma and begins to bring about the destruction of our world. Sailor Mercury yells out that she has so many friends on this planet and Jupiter and Mars yell out Usagi's name but it's no use. A bright light bursts from Princess Sailor Moon that obliterates everything in it's path as it covers the entire planet.

Across Tokyo we are given glimpses of Naru, Miss Haruna and friends cleaning happily in the classroom, Nephrite finally buying Ami the horns as a thank you present, Motoki at Crown playing with his turtle and Ikuko and Shingo mock fighting in the kitchen. The white light engulfs them all.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Upstairs in Usagi's bedroom, Luna in her human form is holding Artemis as they watch the white light get closer and closer. Artemis says how it's happening again, the end of the world. Luna whispers Usagi's name. White.

As the light clears, all that's left of Earth is a giant desert. Princess Sailor Moon, now with Usagi's awakened conciousness kneels in the sand crying over what she's done. Usagi destroyed the world.

Live Action Sailor Moon: The spirit of Mamoru walks up to her and tells her that it's not too late. She can use the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal to reverse the damage... but doing so could take her life. Usagi doesn't even hesitate and tells him that she'll do it if it can bring everyone back.

Now in Endymion and Princess Serenity's forms, Mamoru and Usagi walk across the landscape holding hands until they reach an archway, possibly all that's left of the Dark Kingdom's palace. The look at each other one final time and kiss.

Live Action Sailor Moon: A bright white light bursts from them. As it clears, Endymion and Princess Serenity's bodies lie lifeless on the desert sands. Both are wearing wedding rings and are clasping the star locket which begins to tick.

Giant magical ribbons then encircle the whole planet as it's reborn and everyone's lives are restored.

We see Ami sitting in class looking at an empty seat across the room. Miss Haruna mentions that someone's missing. Suddenly Naru runs in an smiles at Ami who smiles back at her.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Makoto is playing basketball with a group of guys and wins. She's happy.

Rei is looking cautiously around her temple. Suddenly she smiles as she finds several children who are playing hide and seek. They all run away laughing and she pretends to chase them.

Elsewhere, a car pulls up as a huge group of fans gather around it screaming. Surprisingly out of the car steps Minako! She's been reborn! She proceeds to go into a recording studio and sings one of her first hits, Cest La Vie.

Live Action Sailor Moon: As Ami walks about she sings the song to herself and several posters of the single are in the shop windows as Makoto shops. Time appears to have been reversed.

Slowly as all four girls listen to or sing Cest La Vie the begin to suspect that they've forgotten something important. Something that shouldn't have been forgotten. In a flash they remember and gasp Usagi's name.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Somewhere else, Usagi lies in pitch black until her friend's voices make their way to her and the space fills up with white. Not too far from her, Mamoru is sitting who looks at her, at peace yet also clueless as to what's going on.

Princess Sailor Moon then appears and tells them that at last the past has been finished and says that as long as she has comrades who remember her she can return. Princess Sailor Moon then disappears.

Mamoru tells Usagi to hurry and go back but she refuses to go without him. A male voice then speaks to them both. They turn and see Kunzite, Zoicite, Nephrite and Jadeite.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Kunzite tells Mamoru to return and live his life for them. Zoicite says that they will always be with him and Nephrite says that when they are needed they will return for him.

Jadeite then holds up the painting that was in his room in the Dark Kingdom that had absorbed his life while the stone was in his body. The painting of him then fades away as his life is returned.

Tears in his eyes, Mamoru turns to Usagi and they smile at each other. They then hold hands and run towards the screen as more white light fills the area.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In Tokyo, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako are running around screaming Usagi's name, trying to find her. Eventually they all run into each other and look at each other desperately.

Suddenly Usagi's voice can be heard on the horizon as she calls out "Everyone!". One by one they cry out Usagi's name and run towards her all very happy and relieved to see her alive.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Nearby, Mamoru sits on his motorbike and watches with Luna and Artemis on the back seat who had also been revived.

Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako all embrace and then walk together.

Everyone is happy.

Live Action Sailor Moon: See You Again!

Interesting Facts

This wonderful finale featured several new attacks. Among them were Sailor Moon's unnamed world healing power, Sailor Mercury's third and final Mercury Sword, Sailor Mars' (and Sailor Venus') Mars and Venus Daggers and Sailor Jupiter's awesome Jupiter Spear.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was originally meant to run for 50 episodes though due to a sports event being shown on the 11th September 2004 when Act 48 was originally scheduled to air they realised that they only one less episode to finish the story. This is most probably why there are no opening credits for this episode or episode recap. Everything seemed to have been tied up though (actually this is my favourite episode) with the only deleted scenes not included for this episode (and included as special features on the DVD are an extended scene featuring Naru and friends cleaning happily at school and a scene at Crown showing Nephrite now happy with himself in the present working with Motoki.

This episode featured unique closing credits which showed character highlights from the series to the new song, Friend.

While it had been suggested quickly in previous episodes, this was the first time Usagi had properly, for a length of time, been concious inside Princess Sailor Moon's body.

Despite speculation to the contrary, time had indeed been rewound by the Imperium Silver Crystal at towards the end of this episode which is why Minako's song, Cest La Vie had just been released and was on the radio as opposed to Kiss2 Bang2 or Romance. Another obvious clue is the fact that Minako Aino is now alive and most likely due to her character growth the first time around has taken the operation at an earlier stage of her illness as soon as she knew it was an option and made a full recovery.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #12 Cover

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