Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 10

Aired: 6th Dec 2003

Rei is seen drawing by herself late at night. She seems to be thinking of some fond memories as she puts down her pencil and walks outside to look at the moon in the night sky. The opening credits begin.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In Usagi's house, Usagi and her mother are yelling at each other. The fight culminates with Usagi running up to her room, packing her bag and running away from home. As she's packing her bag, Luna asks what her and her mum are fighting about this time. Usagi tells her that her mum didn't make the dinner that she wanted.

Usagi goes to Crown Karaoke first but to her horror, she finds Mamoru working there, helping Motoki out. Still feeling uncomfortable around Mamoru since discovering she could possible be attracted to him in Act 7 plus the fact that he still pisses her off, she leaves and heads over to Ami's place.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Unfortunately she catches Ami heading to cram school. Usagi then tries Makoto's place but she's renovating so she finally goes to Rei's temple.

When Usagi and Luna arrive, they find Rei looking after a young girl and preparing for a storytelling performance. Usagi turns to go, not wanting to disturb them but Rei tells her that she can tell she's run away from home and invites her and Luna to stay.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite is once again reporting to Queen Beryl. He tells her that Zoicite has refused to capture the princess before he finishes his composing. Beryl is curious about this though decides to see what happens.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Meanwhile in Rei's temple, Usagi is helping Rei and the girl colour the pages of the story. Rei tells Usagi that it's about a famous legend called "Princess Kaguya" about a princess from the moon. Rei says that the young girl believes that her dead mother is on the moon so she wants to be like Princess Kaguya so she can go there and see her again.
Usagi marvels at how wonderful it would be if there really was a kingdom on the moon. Luna whispers that it may not just be a story.

Rei then mentions that when she was a child and her mother died she thought her mother's sould went to the moon and that that thought made her happy. This surprises and upsets Usagi who runs outside and begins crying. Luna asks her what's wrong and Usagi tells her how foolish she feels, running away from her own mother while Rei's is dead.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Just then, Zoicite is finishing his song, "Requiem for a Princess". He summons a Youma which immediately begins singing the piece. All over the world real princesses faint and images of princesses burst into flames. At Rei's temple, the girl who wanted to be Princess Kaguya collapses on the floor. Rei and Usagi both hear the Youma's singing and transform into Sailor Mars and Moon and track the Youma down.

Live Action Sailor Moon: When they arrive, Sailor Jupiter and Mercury are also there. They all attack the Youma but Sailor Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are all quickly taken out by the Youma. Sailor Moon summons her powers and raises her Moon Wand. A powerful pink glow flows from the crystal, defeats the Youma and restores the energy to to all the princesses and repairs all the burnt images.

Before they can all celebrate, Queen Beryl appears behind them, practising Zoicite's soul flight. She introduces themselves and tells them that she won't forget what they did all that time ago on the Moon and that they have something evil planned for the Moon Princess. As she vanishes, the girls as Luna what she meant. Luna explains that they are all from the Moon and that all of their memories have been suppressed but will return with time.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later that evening they all watch the story of Princess Kaguya at Rei's temple. With the mention of Kaguya returning to the moon, Usagi begins to cry. She tells her friends that she's upset because her mother isn't her real mother. Luna says that even though she's from the moon, Usagi is still Usagi. With that Usagi returns home and hugs her mother.

At that moment at the airport, Minako Aino has returned from London. As she leaves the building and begins to get into her car, a huge truck whose driver is in some kind of trance drives right towards her. Minako freezes in shock as the truck speeds closer and closer.

Interesting Facts

The tales of Princess Kaguya is a real Japanese folk tale and is thought to be one of the oldest Japanese stories on record. The tales has been referenced in almost every iteration of Sailor Moon. The second anime movie, Sailor Moon S was heavily based on Princess Kaguya with Luna even taking her form, this movie was based on the original arc in the Sailor Moon manga. The 1999 and 2004-05 Sailor Moon musicals also reference the famous story.

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