Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 11

Aired: 13th Dec 2003

Usagi nervously arrives at Crown Karaoke which is decorated in Christmas decorations. She sees Motoki behind the front desk and asks him if Mamoru is working today. Motoki assures her that Mamoru was just helping him out and asks why she doesn't like him because he really is an alright guy. Usagi says he may be right but he always says things to tick her off. Motoki doesn't seem surprised but then asks Usagi if he had heard the news: Minako Aino has been hospitalised! Usagi's shocked and runs to the karaoke room to tell all of the other girls who already knew as they read the paper and watch the news.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite is talking to Queen Beryl once more about Zoicite. Nephrie tells her that Zoicite couldn't find the princess but odds are that she may have the crystal with her. Beryl ponders why, if she has the crystal, why hasn't she sealed them already? Nephrite guesses that the princess may not be able to use it yet.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Mamoru is dreaming once more of the mysterious woman asking him to find the Imperium Silver Crystal. He wakes up, his head in pain as he wonders who this woman is. He looks at Usagi's handkerchief lying on the table next to his bed that she gave him in Act 7.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In hospital, Minako is lying in a bed recovering from the violent incident that occured at the climax of the previous episode. Suddenly her manager walks in and tells her that he's glad she's getting better and that he's already writing a press report about how lucky she was to survive almost being rammed by that truck driver who police say was in a kind of trance. She then gets given her bag which was recovered from the boot of the car. All of her staff then leave to let her rest and finish several projects that she has to do. Once everyone's gone, she opens her bag to reveal her Sailor V costume (!).

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back at Usagi's house, Ikuko lets drop that Minako is resting at West Juban hospital. Usagi is overjoyed and asks how her mum knows this. Ikuko tells her that her father, who is a reporter had found out and that she can't tell anyone as it's top secret. Usagi suspiciously runs out of the house and all the way to Crown where she convinces Makoto to come with her to the hospital just to wish for Minako's happiness. Rei is rather angry at this as they have a lot of Sailor Soldier business to attend to such as this mysterious planetary meeting advertised online that they had just found out about but Ami simply smiles.

Live Action Sailor Moon: After arriving at the hospital and making their wish, the temptation proves too much and Usagi and Makoto have quickly used their disguise powers to appear as nurses and have tracked down what floor Minako is on.

In Minako's room, a mysterious cat-like shadow outside her window tells her that they need to go right now. Minako stands up and leaves but her manager soon realises that she's done a runner and chases after her. Usagi and Makoto see the manager and assume he's a Youma and stop him. He screams, Minako stops and a huge croud gathers hoping to look at Minako. All four of them run back into Minako's room to rest.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Seeing their chance, Usagi and Makoto ask Minako for her signature. Minako immediately senses that Usagi is Sailor Moon and is visibly disapointed by her lack of maturity. She asks her if she doesn't have something more important to do instead of listening to her music. Usagi says there isn't and that Minako is her number one priority. Just then, Luna rings Makoto and tells her that they should get to the planetary event that they had found out about earlier. Usagi and Makoto leave immediately. Minako is very disappointed in Usagi/Sailor Moon.

Live Action Sailor Moon: As Sailor Moon and Jupiter arrive, they find Zoicite who has hypnotised Sailor Mars and Mercury. Mercury and Mars attack them fiercely and the Zoicite hypnotises Jupiter as well. As Zoicite moves in to hypnotise Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask leaps in an grabs his glowing hand. This triggers a sudden memory blast in both of them with them remembering a powerful image from the past, a man and the mysterious woman from Mamoru's dream. Zoicite teleports away, visibly shocked and Tuxedo Mask staggers outside. Sailor Moon is worried but happy to see that Sailor Mars Jupiter and Mercury have returned to normal.

Back at the hospital, the mysterious cat asks Minako why she didn't go to the event. Minako just sits there and demands to know why "that girl" was chosen to be Sailor Moon.

Interesting Facts

The mysterious cat is Artemis who makes his first appearance in this episode and is fully revealed in the next one!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #3 Cover

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