Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 36

Aired: 19th June 2004

Mamoru and Usagi, having just found out that Minako Aino is Sailor Venus are running to catch her in concert after being given two tickets by Sailor Venus herself. By the time they get there though, the show has already started and they arrive mid song.

Suddenly Minako, who is dancing and singing on stage begins to feel faint and then passes out in front of the entire audience and media! Usagi screams Minako's name.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later on Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto go to the hospital to see Minako but are told that she is still too weak to see visitors. They all leave, but Rei glances back at the hospital and heads back in to speak to Minako.

Sneaking past security, Rei finds Minako's room and enters. She asks her what's wrong and Minako finally tells rei about her illness and the fact that she only has a month to live. She then says that there is an operation she could take but the odds of success are incredibly small and that she wants to spend what time she has completing her mission from her past life.

Rei is very upset at hearing this but Minako tells her that the reason they were reborn was to make sure the past doesn't repeat itself.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is furious at Kunzite and Zoicite for interfering with her plans to get Mamoru. She blasts them with energy and then summons Nephrite. She suggests to Mio that perhaps they should try another plan to get Mamoru. Mio smiles.

At Usagi's house, Ikuko hears her daughter talking to Mamoru on her mobile phone. She then begins to pester Usagi for gossip and Usagi then tells her and her brother Shingo that she does indeed have a boyfriend. Shingo says she's disgusting and Ikuko fantasises what cute nicknames they must call each other.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later on while shopping with Mamoru Usagi admits to herself that she still hasn't called Mamoru by his name yet and tries but is now annoyed by memories of her mother's different nicknames for him.

Suddenly she sees a star shaped locket in a shop window and yells for him to come and look but he doesn't realise she's yelling at him and keeps walking. Usagi then yells out a loud "YOU!" which makes everyone stop and look. Mamoru runs back to her and asks her why she won't call him by name. Usagi gets angry and walks away.

Moments later Mamoru walks up to her and gives her the star locket.

Live Action Sailor Moon: On his way home alone, Mamoru is confronted by Mio who appears to drift towards him and tells him to go with her as the four generals are waiting. In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl tells Mamoru to come to her as well as the princess.

At that moment in Crown, Usagi senses that she's been summoned and leaves with Ami and Makoto.

Meanwhile Mamoru stands with Mio in an isolated location. Mio then disappears and is replaced by Queen Beryl who stands behind him. She asks if he remembers her and asks him to come with her. Suddenly, Sailor Moon, Mercury and Jupiter arrive, joined with Luna and Sailor Mars. Sailor Venus, holding Artemis runs to join them as well.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl then summons Jadeite, Kunzite, Zoicite and Nephrite who attack the five Sailor Soldiers. All five are blasted off their feet. Mamoru refuses to go with Beryl but is then shocked by what happens next. Beryl uses her powers to control each of the generals into holding their swords up to their own throats. Beryl then says that if he doesn't come with her, she will kill them all. Mamoru agrees to go and says goodbye to Usagi (though tells her he'll be back) and walks over to Beryl.

Suddenly Sailor Moon, emotionally upset by this turn of events becomes stone cold serious and commands Beryl to let Mamoru go. They all turn to Sailor Moon who begins to glow and transforms into Princess Sailor Moon!

Live Action Sailor Moon: Princess Sailor Moon begins to walk towards Beryl who fires numerous energy blasts at her in a desperate attempt to stop her advance. Princess Sailor Moon simply deflects the attacks with her sword and continues walking.

Queen Beryl then commands the four generals to stop her and they all fire enormous energy blasts at her. Princess Sailor Moon then absorbs them all fires a super powerful energy blast which knocks all of the generals over.

Queen Beryl tells Mamoru to stop Princess Sailor Moon and then causes Nephrite to run himself through with his sword. Everyone is shocked by his death. Mamoru walks over to Princess Sailor Moon and yells out for Usagi to come back. She detransforms back into Usagi, Mamoru hugs her and says farewell and then leaves with Beryl, Zoicite, Kunzite and Jadeite.

Usagi collapses as her friends gather around her. Rei screams at Minako about this is what they're sacrificing their present lives for.

Interesting Facts

First appearance of the kick arse Princess Sailor Moon!

Princess Sailor Moon's first attack, as super powerful energy blast premiered in this episode!

It was interesting to see the famous star locket from the anime and manga appear in this episode. While it plays a slightly different role in this version of Sailor Moon, it still plays an important part in the story's conclusion.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #9 Cover

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