Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 33

Aired: 29th May 2004

Usagi has called a Sailor Soldier meeting at Crown Karaoke to tell Luna, Rei, Ami and Makoto that she and Mamoru have decided to fight destiny and pursue a relationship together. She explains that they both wanted to do this properly which is why they're not hiding it.

Live Action Sailor Moon: They're all shocked at first with Luna being completely against it but eventually they agree that there's nothing they can do to stop it and show Usagi their support.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoicite talks to Jadeite about his past life. Jadeite tells Zoicite that his only purpose is to serve Queen Beryl but Zoicite explains that in his past life he looked up to Endymion as a brother.

Back in Tokyo, Rei and Ami are walking together on their way home and part ways. Ami goes home to her house and finds that once again, her mother is at work and has left a message on the board they have in the kitchen. Rei also returns to her home and as usual finds noone there but the photo of herself and her mother that was taken when she was a girl before her mother passed away.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, a Youma begins to awaken from the Earth via a red flowerbed. Luna senses this and tries to wake a sleeping Usagi, but she simply incorporates Luna into her dream about Mamoru. Luna contacts the others to battle the Youma in Usagi's stead.

Sailor Mars is the first to arrive and manages to fight the Youma off though doesn't destroy it. As it disapears, Ami arrives. Just as Sailor Mars transforms back into her civilian form a policeman shows up and asks what they're doing out at this time of night. Rei tells him that they were studying and lost track of time but the policeman doesn't believe her and tells them that he will drive them home and ring their parents.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Luckily (I guess?) for them their parents aren't home when the policeman drops them off but as they find out the next day, the police have run Ami's mother and Rei's father.
Ami's mother asks Ami to meet her at the hospital where they discuss how Ami has been missing a lot of her cram school classes recently. Her mother assumes this is because of the bad influence the "regular school" has had on her and suggest that Ami be transferred to another school.
Rei's father sends an assistant to pick her up and take her to him. Rei is furious about this and refuses to go with him.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At Crown Karaoke, Mamoru surprises Motoki with his sudden appearance. He tells Motoki that he decided to come back to Tokyo as he has something he wanted to do. When Usagi shows up to meet Mamoru for their date Motoki is at a loss for words and wonders when the two of them got together.
Usagi and Mamoru then leave Crown and have a fun time out on the town. Usagi finally gives Mamoru his scarf and the two play with it with Usagi pretending to strangle him.
Unknown to them, Mio is watching them and becomes furious at Usagi for stealing Mamoru. In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl seems to be watching this through Mio and curses the Moon Princess for once more getting in the way.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later at Crown, Ami tells the girls that she will be transferring schools even though she doesn't want to. She explains that she doesn't want to fight with her mother and that the two of them have never disagreed before. Rei tells her to stand up to her mother because she's only thinking of herself. Ami gets angry and tells Rei not to talk about her mother like that but Rei retorts that Ami can then transfer schools if her mother is such a nice person.

Usagi then suggests they all go out for some food. Luna transforms into her civilian form and they all head out.
While walking together a car pulls up next to them with Rei's father inside. He gets out and tells Rei he wants to talk to her. Rei tells the others to go on without her.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Rei yells at her father for never being there for her and even worse not being there for her mother when she was dying on her deathbed. Her father explains that he had work commitments but this makes Rei even more angry (as it should). Her father then hits her and tells her not to place her own sad feelings on her mother but Rei screams at him that he was the one that made her mother so sad.

Rei then runs away but begins to sense the Youma from earlier. She transforms and tracks it down and begins to fight it. As Sailor Moon, Jupiter and Luna arrive, the Youma disappears and Sailor Mars, still emotional after talking to her father tells them that she's leaving too and walks away.
Sailor Jupiter suspects that the Youma may be after Sailor Mars and that they should keep an eye on her.

Ami meanwhile has gone to meet her mother for an interview with a new school, but decides not to go through with it and never meets up with her mother. Instead she runs away, very distraught over what her decision means for her relationship with her mother.

Interesting Facts

While we've felt their presences before, this is the first time we've seen Ami's mother and Rei's father. It's also interesting to note that it's mentioned Ami's father may have passed away so when you think about it Ami's father has died. Rei's mother has died. Both of Makoto's parents are dead. Usagi's father seems to live for his job and never sees his two children. Minako seems to have both of her parents but lives constantly in hotels and is herself dying. Mamoru is an orphan. When you think about it almost every character seems to have suffered some kind of personal loss.

A good example of cultural difference seen in this episode is the scene where Rei's father hits her (rather hard!) across the face. The hitting of children is still legal and worse seen as a natural way to parent in Japan. It's very common to see parents hitting their children and in a few cases, even teachers hitting students, sometimes by the request of the parents!
While there are a few cases each year that make it to court concerning child abuse, these are normally severe cases where the child's life has been placed at risk or even taken. The majority of abuse cases go unreported but family, teachers and the children themselves.
While a famous politician, Rei's father hitting his daughter in public would not cause him a scandal as it would in most western countries. In fact it probably wouldn't be an issue in Japan at all.

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