Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 32

Aired: 22nd May 2004

Zoicite has teleported Mamoru to the Dark Kingdom! Kunzite demands to know what Zoicite is doing but Nephrite steps in and tells Kunzite to stay out of it as he wants to know about his past life. Kunzite tells them all to remember what Endymion did to them in their past lives, i.e. causing the destruction of everything.
Jadeite meanwhile looks on from afar and for the first time begins to ask himself about his past life and if he had one.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Suddenly, something happens to Mamoru. Prince Endymion seems to awaken within him and he immediately orders all four generals to stop talking.

At Crown, Usagi and the girls arrive to find Motoki on the phone to someone in England. He tells the girls that Mamoru has disappeared from England! Usagi decides to go to London and find him but is distraught over how much the tickets cost to get there.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl has summoned Zoicite and Jadeite to her and demands Zoicite tell her where Mamoru is now that he's gone from England. Zoicite tells her he doesn't know. Not believing him, Beryl blasts him into unconsciousness with blast after blast of dark energy. Jadeite yells at her to stop as Zoicite's no longer concious. Queen Beryl is furious and paranoid that Mamoru may have returned to the Moon Princess.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In Tokyo, Mio seems to be sharing Beryl's emotions and tracks down Usagi. Usagi confides in Mio that she needs to get to London asap to find that special someone she cares for. Mio tells Usagi that she'll get her a job as an assistant for Yuto, another idol who is co-starring in a tv drama which herself and Minako will also be co-starring in. Usagi is thrilled and begins working for Yuto straight away.

Yuto puts Usagi to work cleaning up after Live Action Sailor Moon: his dog and looking after it while he appears on several tv shows. Unfortunately for Usagi she loses the dog she was told to look after and is forced to frantically find it. Hilariously she finds it in the path of a camera that is recording the tv show live and broadcasts her stuffup to all of Japan.
At home, Ikuko sees her daughter on tv and begs her (through the tv) to mention her name. Instead Usagi continues to appologise repeatedly... on camera.

Live Action Sailor Moon: While preparing for a shoot with Mio, Minako sees Usagi being embarrassed and accuses Mio of being behind it and runs over to Usagi. Minako tells Usagi that she should just go home but Usagi tells her that she needs to do this and runs away to buy some expensive dog food for Yuto's dog.

Later on as Usagi and Yuto are getting into his car to go to the airport, Minako catches up with them and yells at Usagi not to go. Mio grabs Minako's arm tightly and twists it to hold her back from Usagi. Mio screams for Usagi to go while she can. Usagi apologises to Minako and gets in the car.

After they've gone, Minako pulls her arm free of Mio's super grip and realises immediately who Mio is though before she can confront Mio about her identity a security guard interrupts them both to ask if everything is okay. Minako walks away to find Usagi.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Yuto has pulled over his car near Tokyo Bay and tells Usagi that he has changed his mind about going to London. He then teases her with the ticket before throwing it out of the car window. Usagi tells him that he's a terrible person and runs out of the car after the ticket which has blown over the edge of the wharf and landed on a bolt a few feet over the side.
Suddenly, Yuto passes out in his car and a Youma emerges from his body! The Youma attacks the unsuspecting Usagi from behind who screams and wonders where the Youma came from. Luckily she's saved from Mamoru who appears in full Endymion form to defend her. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and the two defeat the Youma.

The two then transform back to normal and talk about each other and their past lives. Usagi tells him that she doesn't remember any of hers. Mamoru replies by saying that he has decided that he will not let their past lives repeat and that that is his promise to Usagi and he wants to prove his point by coming back and being with her. Mamoru then asks for the scarf that she had made for him.

Usagi begins to cry and tells him that it's Summer now. He calls her stupid and tells her that's not the problem and before she can reply he embraces her just as the sun begins to set.

Minako arrives in time to see the two embracing and comments to herself how perhaps the past can't be changed.

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