Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 4

Aired: 25th Oct 2003

As you've probably noticed by now, the live action show seems to be following the basic storyline from the manga rather closely though changing some of the subject matter to make it more modern and relatable to the modern Japanese girl. i.e. Crown is now a karaoke house and no longer a video arcade, the relationships between the girls develop at a normal speed rather than becoming instant friends, and in this act instead of the Sailor Soldiers infiltrating a princess' ball, they sneak into a celebrity's halloween party.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Act 4 starts with Usagi, Ami and Luna talking about Rei and why she doesn't want to be her friend. Usagi can't believe that she doesn't like karaoke, (Heaven forbid that Japanese schoolgirl could like something different in Japan) and Ami says that they can't rush her. Meanwhile in the Dark Kingdom, Beryl is angry at Jaedite for not getting enough energy and requests Nephrite, who makes his very dramatic first appearance!

Live Action Sailor Moon: Rei senses that the enemy is moving and heads out to find the latest Youma. Usagi and Ami are then, for some reason going all the way to Ikebukuro to watch the newsreport being told on an outdoor bigscreen tv (kind of a plothole here me thinks) and see the report for a mysterious blue crystal that will be presented at a celebrity's birthday party (which is refered to in this ep as a Halloween party by some due to the costumes). Luna thinks they should check it out. Usagi bumps into Mamoru again. As usual they fight and she comments on how wierd he is. Luna appears to sense something from him. Across the way, Nephrite is in civilian form and also sees the news report. And, Tokyo being the small world it is, Rei is also there and senses Nephrite. Usagi and Ami decide to investigate the blue crystal. Rei decides to go by herself.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Flashing forward to the party, Ami has dressed like a kinky frensh maid catwoman, Usagi in a giant bear suit and Rei, a master of disguise, wears her Shinto Priestess outfit with a red mask. The birthday party begins but it's interesting that all the decorations feature jack-o-lanterns and everyone seems to be dressed up as goblins and politically incorrect witches. Guess the writers couldn't agree on something.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Usagi goes a bit party crazy so Ami and Luna decide to ditch Usagi and look around. In the back, Nephrite plants a crystal in a potplant which spawns a new Youma! Back at the party, Usagi (in the bear disguise) bumps into Tuxedo Mask who came dressed as himself. Usagi smells him and hugs him and Mamoru gets a bit freaked out by the strange bear.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the back (again) Ami (out of her cat costume) and Rei (no mask) seem to bond over their lack of social skills. Rei explains that all her family and friends have left her. After agreeing to look around together they see the birthday girl opening the blue crystal's box. However after a struggle they realise that the woman is being controlled by the Youma which seperates itself from her and attacks the girls.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Ami and Rei both transform and call Usagi for help. When Usagi arrives, Sailor Mars has been captured and Sailor Mercury is trying to keep the crystal away from the enemy. After a lot of fighting, running around on the roof and using Minako's song to syncronise their attacks (another example of Sailor Venus helping the gang before they meet) which destroys the Youma, Nephrite appears and demands the crystal. Tuxedo Mask makes the scene to help and fights Nephrite. During the fight, the box with the crystal is sent flying over the edge of the building. Sailormoon jumps after it and falls over the edge! Tuxedo Mask tries to save her but he falls over too! Just when all seems lost, a pink light blasts from the Moon Septre and surrounds Sailormoon and Tuxedo Mask and slowly lowers then to the ground. Tuxedo checks the crystal, finds it's the wrong one and walks away. Usagi wants to throw a party in celebration of teamwork and Rei says she will come, but only if there's no karaoke. Usagi is overjoyed (though secretly plotting to convert Rei to Karaoke) and they walk off into the sunset.

Live Action Sailor Moon:

Interesting Facts

This episode marked the first appearance of the very different from the manga and anime, live action version of Nephrite.

Sailor Mars scored herself a second attack already in the episode with the first use of Akuryo Taisan.

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