Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 3

Aired: 18th Oct 2003

Having appeared within the last few minutes of Act 2 it was pretty much a given that Rei would awaken as Sailor Mars in Act 3. What wasn't so predictable however was how much the origin story of Sailor Mars would change from the anime and manga counterparts. Where Ami's awakening was very similar to the anime and manga (computer teacher getting possessed by a Youma), Rei's differs slightly in that while girls are still being kidnapped and taken to a pocket dimension, Jaedite is only partially involved, there is no school bus and Ami and Usagi do some Scooby Doo style investigating incognito as priestesses.

Live Action Sailor Moon: The act starts with a kind of wierd game show which acts as an exposition for the main motivation of the Sailor Soldiers. Here we find out that not only do Sailormoon and Sailor Mercury have to stop the bad guys from stealing people's energy, but also find the Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess. Usagi, of course loses the game with Ami coming out on top.

Live Action Sailor Moon: We are then shown Rei meditating in front of her sacred flame with sinister music playing. The director is obviously trying to make us think that Rei is a Youma or at least a villian throughout this episode but it falls flat as Sailor Mars and Rei are in fact in the opening credits since Act 1. Anyway, we then see a girl, with the tragically popular fake tan Tokyo style, get dragged into a vortex by a Youma's arms. It is here we get the first shots of Phoebos and Daemos, Rei's crows!

Live Action Sailor Moon: At school later, Usagi, Naru and their friends are talk about all the girl's disapearances. Usagi gets freaked out. Also at this time Ami refuses to sit with them and explains to Usagi after school that it would be strange if they suddenly appeared to be good friends when they never really spoke at school. As they're talking, the bump into (literally!) Rei. Usagi oppologises but Rei storms off. Usagi, confounded, notices that Rei dropped her bracelet and chaces after her. As she gets towards the temple however, remembering the story from school, she hears the ravens crowing and when Rei comes out of the temple, Usagi freaks out and runs away. Later that night, in a very cool scene, decides to hunt down Sailor V and ask her what she knows about the Moon Princess or the Crystal. After a well done chase scene across several of Tokyo's skyscrapers, Sailor V manages to get away, but not before Luna begins to suspect that Sailor V may in fact be the Moon Princess!

Live Action Sailor Moon: The next morning, Usagi builds up the courage to return Rei's bracelet and returns to the temple. Rei is has had her box stolen and is being accused of the kidnappings by a group of boisterous girls. The reason why? One of them had seen Usagi running away the other day. Usagi hears this and explains to them that the ravens scared her. The leave and Rei gives her back the bracelet. However Rei doesn't want to be her friend.

Live Action Sailor Moon: **Cue Scooby Doo music** Ami calls Usagi and explains that all the victims are priestesses and that she thinks she's found a potential target. Logically, they use their phones and transform into Shinto Priestesses. They both hear a scream and run to investigate. They find Rei kneeling over the target and naturally Usagi accuses Rei of being a Youma. Before Rei can respond, the real Youma attacks from behind and grabs Rei. Usagi, trying to save Rei, grabs onto Rei. Both are dragged into the pocket dimesion. Sailormoon transforms and fights but is caught by the Youma. Suddenly, Rei's bracelet starts to glow and transforms into her new transformation bracelet similar to Ami's in Act 2.

Live Action Sailor Moon: On the outside Ami has called Luna who arrives and instructs Ami to open a portal using an attack (strange but it works!). She does so with "Mercury Aqua Mist!" and a portal opens. Back in the pocket dimension, Sailormoon is yelling at Rei to transform, but the Youma attacks Rei before she can. That doesn't stop her though as she uses her special power (while in civilian form!) to blast off the attack and transforms for the first time into Sailor Mars! She then attacks and destroys the Youma with "Youma Taisan!". Just then Sailor Mercury's portal opens and they lead the girls to safety. Before Sailormoon can exit though, a tentacle grabs her leg. Coming to her rescue though is Tuxedo Mask who cuts the tentacle and runs with Sailormoon through the portal. Everyone seems happy until Rei declares that they may be Soldiers but she doesn't need friends and walks away.

Live Action Sailor Moon:

Interesting Facts

This episode sees the first appearance of Rei as Sailor Mars.

Naturally, Sailor Mars' first attack, Youma Taisan premieres in this episode as well.

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