Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 16

Aired: 24th Jan 2004

Picking up with the cliffhanger we were left with at the end of Act 15 we find Makoto being pulled to her doom by a Sarlac style Youma. Ami and rei transform into Sailor Mars and Mercury so they can rescue her. Sailor Mars uses Youma Taisan which causes the Youma to let go of Makoto and retreat.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later on when the girls are talking about the Youma, they ask Usagi where she was. Not wanting to tell them she was with Mamoru she says that she was with Naru and a Youma attacked her. Ami asks if Naru was okay and Usagi quickly tells her that she's fine and thanks Ami for being such good friends with Naru.

That night, Usagi can't stop thinking about Mamoru and the time they spent together. Eventually she comes to the conclusion that she must be in love with him instead of Tuxedo Mask (how ironic!). Her state of mind doesn't improve though as the next day on her way to school, she's still thinking about him until Naru runs up and says good morning.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Ami walks up behind them and sees Naru. Thinking back to how bitchy she was towards Naru the other night, Ami decides to not talk to them. Naru also sees Ami and tries to get Usagi to keep walking but Usagi sees Ami and invites her to join them. Through some manoeuvring from Naru, Usagi and Ami kind of agree not to walk together and meet each other at class.

The hostility between Ami and Naru continues throughout the day as they both clash over being paired up with Usagi for class activities. Their teacher, Miss Haruna sees this and puts them all with complete strangers to settle the problem.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite tells Beryl and Nephrite about his latest plan, a human farm where he uses the Youma previously seen in the episode to capture people and trap them in a building in a trance as their energy is drained and given to Queen Metalia. Beryl is wary of Kunzite but approves of his plan and tells Nephrite to keep looking for the Moon Princess and the crystal.

After school, Ami is walking home through a park when she sees Naru walking ahead of her. Suddenly the ground opens up and the Youma appears and grabs her! Ami runs up to her to try and pull her out of the pit but it's no good and Naru and the Youma disapear.
Live Action Sailor Moon: Ami calls Rei and Usagi who come and meet her. While they're consoling Ami, Luna has found out where the captured people are being kept and tells them all to come over right away.

Once there they discover that the building is protected by an invisible barrier. They combine their powers and use a kind of Sailor Soldier energy blast to blast the barrier open but it's no good with just the three of them. Sailor Moon tells Mars an Mercury that she'll be back and runs off. Alone, Ami starts crying and tells Rei that she hates herself because she became jelous of Usagi's friendship with Naru. Rei tells her to get over it and that everyone feels jelous sometimes. Ami thanks her and they both laugh at how innocent Usagi can be at times, not even knowing Naru and Ami were fighting.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Just then, Sailor Moon returns with Sailor Jupiter who had been home with a cold. They all use their powers one more time and break the barrier. They track down the Youma and Sailor Mercury destroys it with Mercury Aqua Mist.

Back at school, Ami and Naru appologise to each other and agree to be each other's partner in class activities, in this case a cooking class where they get to cook cookies for someone they love. Usagi is making hers for Mamoru.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, the whole area begins to shake. Queen Beryl is shocked and asks what this means. Kunzite casually tells her and Nephrite that it's a sign of rebirth due to all the energy Queen Metalia has received. Elsewhere in a chamber, two stones are being help in a holy stone sculpture. Suddenly one of them begins to glow and falls to the ground as it transforms into it's true form, Jadeite!

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Usagi has built up the courage to give Mamoru the cookies she made. She decides to wait outside his apartment for him to come out so she can give them to him. Luckily he comes out soon but... he's got his arm around another girl! Mamoru has a girlfriend!

Interesting Facts

Mamoru's girlfriend (or is she something more?) makes her first appearance in this episode. It should be noted that she only appears in the live action show so this is her first appearance in any form of Sailor Moon!

The Sailor Soldiers used a kind of pure energy attack today simply by summoning their own power. No name was given to the attack. Read more about it here.

Moonies everywhere rejoiced when they saw Naru actually fighting for her friendship with Usagi in these last few live action episodes. In the manga and anime, Usagi seems to just forget about Naru more and more as the series progresses so much to the point that she's not in the final season of the anime at all!

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