Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 17

Aired: 31st Jan 2004

Usagi is shocked to see Mamoru with a girlfriend. Mamoru sees Usagi but pretends that he doesn't know her and jumps on his bike with his "girlfriend" and ride away. Usagi, crushed, walks slowly home and convinces herself that she doesn't like Mamoru at all and that her true love is Tuxedo Mask! Suddenly a public news report comes on and announces that Minako has moved again with the reason given that she's preparing for her new song.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Minako and Artemis and relieved that they've been able to hide successfully and that the Dark Kingdom has been unable to find them. Suddenly Minako's vision begins to blur and she collapses. Artemis cries out her name; "MINAKO!!!".

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite is telling Queen Beryl that now that Metalia is awake he will answer to her alone. Luckily for Beryl the newly revived Jadeite enters the room and tells Beryl that he will once more serve her. Glad to have the majority of the Generals on her side, Queen Beryl welcomes Jadeite back into the fold.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At school the next day, Usagi's class is given the assignment of making a scarf for "someone special". Naru, unaware of what happened to Usagi and Mamoru teases that Usagi is making hers for him. Usagi become a little depressed and tells her that he has a girlfriend.

That afternoon when the girls meet in the karaoke room, Makoto who had also been given the assignment wonders who she'll give hers to. Usagi announces crazily that she will gives hers to her "one true love", Tuxedo Mask and runs excitedly out of the room. Makoto decides to go after her.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At that moment at a church in Azabu Juban, Rei is praying at her mother's grave. Funnily enough, inside the same church, Minako is also praying. The two pass each other with Minako immediately realising that Rei is Sailor Mars but Rei not picking up on Minako being Sailor Venus.
All of a sudden the priest of the church asks them both for help with a dog that he found out the front of the church. He looks very sick but once the three of them get the dog inside the priest assures them that he should be fun. Just then a nun tells the priest that he's needed so he asks Minako and Rei to look after the dog while he's gone. They tell him they'd love to.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Makoto has caught up with Usagi and has been shopping for wool with her. Unfortunately they literally run into Mamoru and his "girlfriend" who he introduces as Hina. Usagi drops her wool but Hina quickly, and kindly picks it up for her and give sit back. Usagi is disappointed that Hina is actually a nice person and runs away, embarrassed. Makoto runs after her once again.

Back at the church, Rei suddenly senses a Live Action Sailor Moon: Youma attacking the priest outside and excuses herself from Minako. Minako realises that this could mean a Youma is present and possibly following her.

Once Rei gets outside she demands the Youma to stop and transforms into Sailor Mars. The fight eventually makes it's way indoors and the two fight it out. Surprisingly, Minako arrives on the scene and is adamant about helping Sailor Mars. Artemis yells at her not to transform because all of their efforts gone into hiding themselves would have been in vain. Minako sees Sailor Mars in trouble though and transforms into Sailor Venus.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus leaps over the Youma and performs a powerful Crescent Beam attack which knocks the Youma back but it quickly retaliates with a powerful explosion that sends Sailor Venus flying across the room.

Sailor Mars runs to her side to make sure her Moon Princess is alright. Sailor Venus yells at Sailor Mars to forget about her and go and chase the Youma but it's too late, the Youma has escaped.

Sailor venus stands up and tells Mars that she's very disappointed in her and that while she is a Sailor Soldier, she has a long way to go.

Interesting Facts

This episode gave us our first look at Sailor Venus' transformation sequence!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #5 Cover

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