Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 14

Aired: 10th Jan 2004

The newly awoken fourth General, Kunzite has cast a spell on Sailor Moon that's causing her to turn into a Youma! Sailor Moon stands in a trance, her eyes glowing an eary pink as she reaches out to attack Tuxedo Mask. Suddenly the gem on her tiara glows and she returns to normal. Luna speculates that the Sailor Soldier with Sailor Moon is fighting the evil Youma side.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Meanwhile, Kunzite has decided it's time to introduce himself to Queen Beryl in the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl tells him that she was going to leave him in his human form but she needed him to help her collect energy. Kunzite cockily walks up right next to Beryl and suggests that she's been working too hard and that she should take a break. Nephrite sees this and becomes furious. Beryl yells at Kunzite for his rudeness and reminds him who he serves.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At Crown Karaoke, the girls are celebrating a late New Years in full traditional kimono garb. The part quickly turns into a casual bash as the girls change into their casual clothes and sing Minako Aino's latest hits and do their best Nako Nako impersonations. As they eat and drink and the excitement level increases, Usagi leaps onto the stage and yells into the mic that she loves them all. Then she passes out.
Luna tells them about the Youma incident and says that it looks like Usagi is still fighting the Youma's influence. Makoto decides to track down Kunzite while rei runs back to her temple to begin praying for the evil to leave Usagi's body. Ami then decides to carry Usagi back to her apartment where she can look after her better.

Live Action Sailor Moon: As luck would have it, Mamoru is in the foyer talking to Motoki and sees Ami carrying Usagi. Aware that Usagi is Sailor Moon and what happened earlier, Mamoru asks Ami if she's okay. Ami makes up a story about her just having a cold or something but Mamoru decides to help her carry usagi.

When they get to Ami's place, Ami thanks Mamoru and he leaves. Ami immediately begins to hook Usagi up to a computer that reads her body temperature and comes to the conclusion that the colder her body gets, the closer she is to turning into a Youma.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Ami then realises how late it's getting and rings Usagi's mother to ask of Usagi can stay the night. Ikuko says it's fine and hangs up the phone. As soon as she does so though she gets another call from Naru who was wondering where Usagi is. Ikuko tells her that she's staying at Ami's place.

Hearing this, Naru runs over to Ami's and rings the doorbell. She tells Ami that Usagi has a CD of hers that she needs for school. Ami runs back inside and gets it for her but Naru, feeling a bit strange asks why Usagi didn't come out and give it to her herself. Ami tells her that she knows that she's thinking she's being mean but she doesn't care and wants Naru to leave. Naru is shocked and leaves.

As soon as Ami gets back to Usagi, a tornado of black rose petals begin to swirl around the room as Usagi is teleported away by Kunzite who wants to speed up the process! Ami runs outside and transforms into Sailor Mercury (in real time!) and leaps across the Tokyo skyline towards where she sense Usagi has been taken.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Mercury arrives at a dark cave and finds Usagi asleep on a table transforming into a Youma. Kunzite tells her it's no use trying to stop it and attacks Sailor Mercury with one sword blast after the next. Near defeat, Sailor Mercury tunes herself into the running water in the cave and asks for it's help. Incredibly, Sailor Mercury forms a powerful water sword and blocks a powerful blow from Kunzite.

She then disolves the sword back into water as Sailor Mars and Jupiter arrive to help her fight. Kunzite knocks them all off their feet and begins to speed up Sailor Moon's transformation. Desperate to stop it, Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all cry out for Sailor Moon in the minds.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Suddenly, Usagi's body begins to glow and she wakes up. A bit surprised she turns into Sailor Moon and attacks Kunzite with Moon Twilight Flash. Kunzite teleports away.

As the four girls walk home, Makoto asks Usagi how she managed to stop the transformation. Usagi explains that she heard their voices crying out to her and that Ami's was particularly noise. Ami smiles, Usagi smiles. They all smile and walk together.

Interesting Facts

This episode showed the first form of Sailor Mercury's ice/water sword one of the legendary weapons of the Sailor Soldiers. It would take two other forms throughout the series. Read more about this particular sword here.

Sailor Mercury shows an unusual ability to perform enormous leaps across the city as she heads towards Sailor Moon. It's always been assumed that the Sailor Soldiers do this to get from one point to another but this is the first time we've really seen it on this scale.

This episode saw the first warping of the Act title at the beginning of the episode into a dark blue. This is the second time the title has been played with. In Act 13 the title was placed in the centre of the screen instead of the usual lower left corner.

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