Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 26

Aired: 3rd Apr 2004

Sailor Moon has been revealed to be the Moon Princess they had all been looking for! Luna, now remembering everything from the past tells them all how Usagi, then called Princess Serenity had been the princess of the Moon and Mamoru, then Prince Endymion had been the prince of the Earth and both had shared a forbidden love.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Venus then explains to them all that she had been pretending to be the Moon Princess to protect Sailor Moon. She then kneels in front of the awakened Princess Serenity. Sailor Mars and Jupiter, starting to also remember their past kneel also.

Usagi tells them to stop kneeling because they're friends. Sailor Venus is surprised and asks Usagi about her memories. Usagi tells her that she feels they've started to return but she can't remember everything yet. Sailor Mars and Jupiter say they also haven't remembered everything for their past lives yet.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Artemis tells them that he will give them all gifts soon and asks Luna to continue helping them to awaken. He and Sailor venus move to leave. Sailor Mars asks her why she doesn't join them now that they've found the princess. Venus replies that she has her own style and prefers working alone.

After she leaves, Usagi, still in her Princess Serenity form asks aloud how she can change back to her regular clothes. Suddenly she begins to glow and reverts back to her civilian form.

Live Action Sailor Moon: In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl has noticed that Queen Metallia has absorbed a lot of the energy released from the Imperium Silver Crystal and asks Jadeite to continue working for her as he's the only general that she trusts.
Nearby, Kunzite tells Nephrite that he had been chasing a fake all this time. This makes Nephrite more furious than he already is. Suddenly Zoicite begins to play his piano and triggers Kunzite's memories from his past. Kunzite gets a flash of Zoicite, Jadeite and Nephrite all dead in the ruins of the moon and him screaming.

In the hospital where Mamoru had been placed to recover, Zoicite appears and tells him that the world may be safer if he and the princess stay apart. He is interrupted by Hina who enters to see how Mamoru is doing. Zoicite teleports away.

At the Tsukino household, Usagi returns home and enjoys her civilian family life to the fullest, hugging Ikuko and teasing Shingo.

Live Action Sailor Moon: That night in Crown Karaoke, three mysterious star shaped tambourines materialise in the Sailor Soldier's room. The next day Usagi and Makoto arrive and find them there. They also find out by the temp worker (who was Rei's date in Act 7!) that Motoki is at the airport seeing off Mamoru and Hina! Mamoru's leaving for England today! Makoto grabs Usagi who is holding one of the tambourines in her hand and drags her into a taxi to the airport.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At the airport, Mamoru is shocked to see that Hina doesn't have any luggage with her. She tells him that she doesn't want to marry him if he doesn't love her and rips up her own ticket but tells him to still go and study in England.
Mamoru is upset and begins to cry but Hina walks away, also upset but convinced she made the right decision. Just then Motoki appears and asks where Hina is. Mamoru tells him and Motoki immediately assumes that it's all his fault. Mamoru corrects him and says that no... it's his fault.

Elsewhere in the airport, Usagi and Makoto sense a Youma and transform. They are then attacked by the Youma and Nephrite who goes right after Sailor Moon. Makoto, realising the tambourin she's holding (that Usagi gave her) has the symbol of Jupiter on it. She then points it at Nephrite and blasts him with a star energy attack. Freed, Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash while Sailor Jupiter uses another brand new attack, Jupiter Thunderbolt to destroy the Youma. Nephrite teleports away.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon tells Sailor Jupiter that perhaps it's best not to see Mamoru again if what Luna and Artemis said was true about their love being forbidden. Sailor Moon detransforms and watches the plane take off outside while singing the lyrics of Minako's first song, Cest la Ve.

Back in Tokyo, Dark Sailor Mercury is confronted by a brand new mysterious Sailor Soldier with cat ears and tail.

Interesting Facts

The first appearance of Sailor Luna! (But you don't know her name yet, so shhh!) Woo!

First time appearance of two new Sailor Jupiter attacks! The unnamed, star energy attack and the manga based attack, Jupiter Thunderbolt!

The three tambourines that appeared at Crown where for Sailor Jupiter (green), Sailor Mars (red) and Sailor Mercury (blue). Artemis gave Sailor venus hers personally and Sailor Moon already has her Moon Wand so misses out I guess.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #7 Cover

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