Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 27

Aired: 17th Apr 2004

The beginning of the end of the second major arc in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon begins right here! The mysterious new Sailor Soldier that appeared at the end of the previous episode has confronted Dark Sailor Mercury. Mercury challenges her to a fight despite not knowing who she is but suddenly she begins to weaken. The mysterious young Soldier announces that she was right and tells Mercury that the spell placed on her has been weakened by her being exposed to the Imperium Silver Crystal in Act 25. The girl then raises her small Moon Wand and teleports away in a blast of pink energy, leaving Dark Sailor Mercury to ponder exactly what's going on and who she really is.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, the new Sailor Soldier skips happily over the bridge where Luna first met Usagi in Act 1 and yells out about how amazing this is. She then transforms into... Luna! Luna has become a Sailor Soldier!

In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl is telling Jadeite how she wishes Nephrite would just go somewhere and die. Nephrite meanwhile is even more depressed and is confronted by Zoicite who offers to trigger his memories of his past. Nephrite tells him he's not interested so Zoicite keeps the offer open for sometime in the future when he will want to remember.

Live Action Sailor Moon: That night, Dark Sailor Mercury looks over a lake at the moon's reflection in it's waters and begins to remember her past. Kunzite appears behind her and tells her not to worry about such things. Mercury then looks up, once more evil.

At Crown Karaoke, Makoto is showing Rei the Sailor Star Tambourines that Artemis had given them and tells her that she has already used hers and even though she hasn't awakened yet she found it to increase her powers enormously. Usagi then arrives and tells them that Luna said she has an important announcement to make. Luna doesn't show up though.

Live Action Sailor Moon: The next day, Luna appears to Usagi in her human form (regular blue haired girl, not Sailor Soldier form) and begins to tell Usagi who she is. Before she can though a dog appears and scares her away.

While shopping, Rei senses a strange presence and turns to find the young girl Luna hiding in a pile of toy cats. Luna tells her how impressed she is that she sensed her aura and starts to reveal her true identity when a huge number of balls fall to the ground and bounce past her. Luna loses her concentration and runs after them. Rei looks bewildered.

That night at Makoto's apartment, Luna appears to Makoto who is cooking dinner. Makoto asks her if she's a sprite but Luna says no and starts to tell her she's Luna but Makoto drops a jar of pepper which floats into the air and makes Luna sneeze. When Makoto looks up, Luna has disapeared.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Later on, Usagi, Rei and Makoto arrive at Crown and are shocked to see human form Luna eating all of their food. They all demand to know who she is and she begins to tell them but Usagi gets a phone call from Ami who she claims asks Rei and Makoto to go meet her at the ferris wheel they had been to before. Rei and Makoto both leave to meet Ami despite knowing it may be a trap. Luna looks seriously at Usagi.

When Rei and Makoto arrive at the ferris wheel, they see and sense nothing. Usagi meanwhile has arrived at another building by herself. Ami then arrives. Usagi tells her that she kept her promise to come by herself. Usagi had tricked Rei and Makoto! Ami and Usagi both transform and Dark Sailor Mercury begins to attack Sailor Moon. Luckily Luna arrives in human form and tells Mercury to get away from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon tells her to run away but Luna pulls out her own phone and transforms into Sailor Luna!

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon is shocked to see another Sailor Soldier. Kunzite then arrives and tells Mercury to focus on Sailor Moon while he takes care of this new Soldier. Sailor Luna zips around the room at high speed, confusing Kunzite enough to allow her and attack him with a Luna fan attack. This does little more than anger Kunzite who retaliates with a powerful sword blast which knocks Sailor Luna off her feet and causes her to revert to her cat form.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon screams out Luna's name but is quickly attacked again by Dark Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon then begins to power up and exudes her powerful golden aura that begins to heal Dark Sailor Mercury. An image of Ami appears and whispers Usagi's name. Kunzite, seeing this blasts Mercury with a cloud of dark energy which knocks back Sailor Moon's energy and makes Mercury evil once more. Dark Sailor Mercury, fighting with herself begins slashing and slashing her sword at Sailor Moon, tears coming down her face. Eventually she gets the best of Sailor Moon, raises her sword and destroys her Moon Wand with one quick strike. Sailor Moon passes out and collapses on the floor.
Dark Sailor Mercury's look of triumph quickly changes to shock. She cries out Usagi's name and kneels next to her. She picks up Sailor Moon's head and rests it on her lap. Suddenly, Sailor Moon's tiara falls off her forehead and breaks in two.

Dark Sailor Mercury screams in horror at what she's done.

Interesting Facts

We got out first look at Luna's regular civilian form in this episode. For those that didn't know, Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailor Moon) designed the look of Luna's civilian and Sailor Soldier forms for the live action tv show.

Luna used two cool real time attacks in this episode. The first was her teleport move and the second was her fan attack. Go Luna!

Usagi was wearing a blue jumper with the words "Next Story" printed on the back. This was an obvious deliberate choice of costume as the next episode is the finale of the series' second arc with the next story arc following immediately after. Usagi wore a similar top towards the finale of the first arc as well that read "New Story".

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #7 Cover

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