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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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The third season of the Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon S (The "S" stands for "Super") stands as one of the most popular seasons out of the five and being many people's favourite season due to it's fast pace, darker subject matter and an overallSailor Moon gets her new Cosmic transformation in 'Crystal Clear Again' tighter plot than the other seasons.

The main storyline of the season follows the arrival of the Death Busters, Witches 5 and Heart Snatchers who first appear to be after people's pure hearts but their motives are eventually revealed to be a lot more complex and personal than first thought.

Sailor Moon S also introduces the viewer to three new Sailor Scouts, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn and shows the return of Sailor Sailor Uranus and Neptune in 'Swept Off Her Feet'Pluto and Rini who has now awoken as a Sailor Scout herself in the form of Sailor Mini Moon.

All the storylines converge into a very tight and surprising finale that makes the entire series one season well worth investing your time in.

Sailor Moon S is definitely a season to watch in it's entirety whether you're new to Sailor Moon or a dedicated Moonie.

The Episodes

Rini Appears as Sailor Mini Moon in 'Hello, Sailor Mini Moon' 090. Star Struck, Bad Luck
091. Crystal Clear Again
092. Driving Dangerously
093. Bad Harmony
094. Swept Off Her Feet
095. Blinded By Love's Light
096. Lita Borrows Trouble
097. Damp Spirits
098. Friendly Foes
099. Mixed Emotions
See How Sailor Uranus Awakened in 'Related By Destiny' 100. Individual Happiness
101. Birthday Blues Part 1
102. Birthday Blues Part 2
103. Hello, Sailor Mini Moon
104. Tainted Tea Party
105. People Who Need People
106. Related By Destiny
107. Art Appreciation
108. Everything's Coming Up Rosey
Sailor Moon gets her new form in 'The Purity Chalice' 109. No Turning Back
110. Destiny's Arrival
111. The Purity Chalice
112. Show Stoppers
113. Rini's Risky Friendship
114. Mimet's Mess
115. The Shadow of Silence
116. Thorny Weather
117. Heightened Hazard
118. It's in the Cards
The Soldier of Destruction, Sailor Saturn arrives in 'Darkness, My Old Friend' 119. Goodness Eclipsed
120. Next in Line
121. Fiendish Ferns
122. The Science of Love
123. Wake Up Call
124. Who's Really Who?
125. Darkness, My Old Friend
126. Second Chance
127. Tough Kindness

The Movie

Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in Ice is an epic hour long animated cinematic feature that adapts a popular side story from the manga involving the myth of Princess Kaguya and focuses on Luna gets her human form in the 'Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in Ice' Luna and her famous first transformation into her human form.

Due to certain plot elements in the film, placing it in the overall chronology of the series is rather difficult to pinpoint but when one takes into account Sailor Pluto and Super Sailor Moon's presence the film, the inclusion of the talisman weapons and the lack of Hotaru, the movie seems to takes place sometime after the events in The Purity Chalice but before the very next episode, Show Stoppers.

Many assume the movie occurs after the end of Sailor Moon S, but that's a logistic impossibility due to Sailor Pluto's fate at the end of the S season.

Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in Ice

Opening and Closing Credits

Throughout the Sailor Moon S season and it's different releases, several opening and closing credits were used. Here you'll find detailed summaries of each credits accompanied by screencaps of each one. Note, the Edited English Version that aired on TV was without any opening credits.

Uncut English Opening Credits - Edited English Movie Opening
Japanese Opening 1 - Japanese Opening 2 - Japanese Opening 3
Edited English Closing - Uncut English Closing 1 - Uncut English Closing 2
Japanese Closing 1 - Japanese Closing 2 - Japanese Movie Closing


In the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon S, a small bumper, also referred to as an "eyecatch" by fans, were included before and after commercial breaks. It was excluded when the show was adapted for an Edited English release most likely due to the cheese factor that many of these bumpers possess, however the Sailor Moon S bumper was included on the Uncut English DVDs.

Bumper 1

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