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Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess

Episode 114

Sailor Moon S

Mimet's Mess

Jap.114 "Crazy for Celebrities! Mimet, in Doubt"

In the dark room in the Death Busters' base Doctor Tomoe addresses the mysterious force possessing Hotaru's body as "The Sovereign of Silence". The Sovereign demands to be give more Pure Heart Crystals so that she can properly revive. Tomoe tells her not to Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess worry.

At Raye's temple the girls are all studying while Mina gets distracted by a show on tv with a pop idol, Jonah Araki. Turns out he's holding auditions for the female lead in his next film tomorrow. Mina writes down the details and plans to go.

Back at the Death Busters' Mimet is singing to a song on tv when it's interrupted by the same Jonah Araki announcement. She tells Doctor Tomoe that she wants to target him but Doctor Tomoe calls her on only targeting hunky young men. Mimet pretends to cry and sobs that she is 100% dedicated to reviving their sovereign. Tomoe tells her not to cry because they need her and says she that can Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess target him.

The next day Mina and Mimet run into each other at the auditions held at the Minato Ward City Office (Town Hall). Mimet introduces herself as "Mimi" and the two become fast friends through their mutual love for Jonah.

Mina impresses the judges with her humour. Mimet however is a nervous wreck on stage. Ironically they both make it to the final five!

Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess Back stage Artemis finds Mina and asks what she's doing here. She assures him that she's thought it through and that she really wants to try and promises not to forget him when she's famous.

At the back of the hall Trista, Amara and Michelle are watching.

As Mina walks out on stage for the judging of the final five she's greeted with great applause but unfortunately doesn't make the cut. She walks off the stage disappointed but happy that she made it this far. Jonah who's also back stage tells her that he's sure Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess that she'll make it someday if she really wants to.

Mimet then goes on stage and miraculously looks like she won the highest vote! However it's an error and she in fact doesn't make the cut. Mina walks up to Mimet to comfort her but Mimet snaps and transforms into her Witches 5 form and attacks the audience with a magical attack. She then summons her Heart Snatcher, Buta who sucks Jonah's Pure Heart Crystal out of his body.

Luckily Sailor Moon arrives and attacks with Moon Tiara Magic Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess giving Mina enough time to run off stage and transform into Sailor Venus.

As Moon and the others leap to her side they're confused by Buta's inability to attack them. Mercury suggests that Moon take this opportunity to finish the Heart Snatcher off. Sailor Moon powers up to Super Sailor Moon and defeats her with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache. Mimet runs away furious.

Sailor Mars gives Sailor Venus Jonah's Heart Crystal to return to him.

Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto observe that the Death Busters seem to have another use for the Heart Crystals. Sailor Pluto speculates that they may have found the Sovereign of Silence and that they could use the power of the crystals to revive her.

Back at the base, Mimet cries in Doctor Tomoe's arms. He comforts her and tells her that she'll have other chances to prove herself.

Sailor Moon S: Mimet's Mess

Monster of the Day

Buta didn't seem to achieve that much at all in this episode as her attacks required her to remember the words to the songs and she forgot all the words!

She was defeated by Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Interesting Facts

This episode used a special animation of Moon Tiara Magic due to them being unable to use the traditional cut scene due to Sailor Moon's slightly different Cosmic costume. Strangely enough, in the English version of this episode, they sued the original Japanese for the name of the attack, Moon Tiara Action.

The Minato Ward Office where the auditions took place in is in fact a real location in Tokyo.

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