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Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her Feet

Episode 94

Sailor Moon S

Swept Off Her Feet

Jap.94 "Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle."

Serena's hanging out with Luna in the park when she sees Darien pull over with Andrew's sister Elizabeth on his motorbike. Serena asks what's going on and Darien explains that he's simply giving her a lift. This makes Serena happy as she was thinking back to when Darien gave Elizabeth a lift in an episode of Sailor Moon R to make her want to stop seeing him.

Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her FeetLater on, Serene decides to drop by the place where Elizabeth works and chat. Lizzy asks Serena about herself and Darien and if they've had their first kiss yet. This makes Serena nervous as they've obviously been kissing (and possibly more) for a while now. Lizzy misinterprets her nervousness and assumes Serena and Darien haven't kissed yet.

Amara and Michelle who're having coffee just next to them join in the conversation and tell them that a first kiss should be treasured. As the two leave, Amara tells Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her FeetMichelle that Lizzy's heart looks pure so they better keep an eye on her as she may be a target for the Heart Snatchers.

As bad luck would have it, Doctor Tomoe and Kaori Night decide to target someone who treasures their first kiss. They send a Daimon egg to Lizzy's apartment which absorbs itself into her vacuum cleaner. In no time at all it activates and takes her Heart Crystal and runs away.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune see it and give chase. Sailor Uranus attacks with a Uranus World Shaking Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her Feetwhich blasts the crystal away and onto a truck. Uranus, Neptune and the Heart Snatcher begin searching Tokyo for the missing heart crystal.

Meanwhile, Serena and the girls decide to come by Lizzy's place and find her lying on the floor motionless.

Suddenly Lizzy wakes up in a trance and tries to kiss all the girls and experience her first kiss. Amy theorises that without her crystal her heart is no longer pure. Raye stuns her with a charm and tries to use her powers to keep Lizzy calm while the Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her Feetother girls transform and begin looking for the crystal.

Eventually Sailor Mercury locates it with her computer. Sailor Moon then sees Darien on his bike and the two race to the Heart Crystal's location, the city dump!

When they arrive they find Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune already battling the Heart Snatcher. It becomes a three way battle for the Heart Crystal as Uranus and Neptune want it for themselves as it may be a Talisman.

Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her FeetSailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack and destroys the Heart Snatcher. Before she can grab the crystal though, Sailor Uranus holds her back while Neptune inspects it. They both remind Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask that they must do whatever it takes to complete their mission.

Luckily Neptune says that it's not a Pure Heart Crystal and gives it to Sailor Moon.

They both race back to Lizzy's place and return it.

Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her FeetLater that night as all the girls relax at Lizzy's place, Serena and Darien talk on the balcony about their first kiss. Serena asks him if he remembers when it was but Darien can't remember and Serena begins to yell at him.

Sailor Moon S: Swept Off Her Feet

Monster of the Day

The Heart Snatcher in this episode was a rather entertaining creation who possessed super speed but also seemed to clean everywhere she ran with her vacuum parts and was restricted by her inability to run when her dust bag got full.

Eventually she was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

The situation where Serena saw Darien and Lizzy (full name Elizabeth) sharing a ride on a motorcycle was a direct contrast to an episode of Sailor Moon R where Darien offered her a ride to hurt Serena's feelings. Darien seems to have forgotten doing this but Serena obviously hadn't.

Do you remember Serena and Darien's first kiss? Depending on which version you watch and your sensibilities the answer may vary. In the original Japanese version it happened in this episode of the first season where Serena, having drunk too much passes out and Darien, seeing her and thinking how she reminds her of the woman in his dreams kisses her. This was obviously changed in the English version where while the footage was unchanged the script was rewritten to make that scene more of a dream sequence so as not to encourage taking advantage of people while they're drunk. Kind of a prime example of a cultural difference between Japan and Western countries while most people in Japan would find that scene romantic, Western viewers most likely would be thinking how inappropriate the whole situation was and how it borders on sexual harassment.

In retrospect this may be why Darien is so nervous in the Japanese version when Serena asks him if he remembers their first kiss as she would have no memory of him kissing her.

The next kiss would happen ages later in Sailor Moon R and could be classed as the first kiss as Serena and Darien were both concious for it and it symbolised the beginning of their relationship. Unfortunately the moment was ruined by the arrival of Rini from the future.

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