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Sailor Moon S: Bad Harmony

Episode 93

Sailor Moon S

Bad Harmony

Jap.93 "Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius, Michiru."

Serena has decided to pop by and surprise Darien with some home baked cookies but when she gets to his apartment she finds that he's not home.

Sailor Moon S: Bad HarmonyThe door is open though so she walks in but trips and spills her cookies all over the place. As she begins to cry, Darien returns, having just gone out for a drink and comforts her. He tries one of her cookies and tells her that they're nice. Serena cries some more.

As Serena tells the girls later that day they all say how great Darien is to eat the cookies as they can't have tasted good. Serena tells them that she's decided to become more sophisticated but none of them believe her! She begins to ask them individually if they want to help her study but Lita and Mina run away with Artemis and Raye drags Amy away, saying that it's just a phase and she's not serious about it.

Left by herself with Luna, Serena begins to get upset as she was very serious about improving herself. Luna tells her that she has to admit that it's a little hard to believe. Sailor Moon S: Bad HarmonyThis upsets Serena more and she runs away.

While walking by herself, Serena runs into Michelle and Amara. Michelle is playing her violin which immediately inspires Serena. Amara then tosses a lemon onto the violin and Michelle continues to play perfectly while juggling it on the instrument. Serena is very impressed!

Amara then leaves the two alone to talk. Michelle takes Serena to an art exhibition and Serena is surprised even more when a man walks up to Michelle and asks her if she's the artist. She says she is.

Sailor Moon S: Bad Harmony Michelle then gets a bit sad and says that while she can play the violin and paint well it may not be her destiny.

As the leave the building to meet Amara Serena has a turn playing the violin in public but just makes a fool out of herself. She gets upset over her failure so Amara and Michelle take her to a restaurant for some ice cream. Michelle then gives her tickets for herself and Darien to a violin concert that may help her a grow an appreciation for the arts.

Later on as Serena and Darien, dressed up for the occasion arrive at the hall, they run into Raye, Amy, Mina, Lita, Luna and Artemis who heard they were going and decided to support Serena's attempt at growing up.

Sailor Moon S: Bad Harmony As they all find their seats, Michelle and Amara who are sitting on one of the balconies, spots them. Michelle comments on how hot Darien is and she laughs at how jealous this makes Amara.

As the star begins performing on stage, his violin transforms into a Heart Snatcher!!! The Heart Snatcher uses her sonic powers to knock everyone in the hall out. Serena and the girls run outside and transform in their Sailor forms and begin to fight it.

Sailor Moon S: Bad HarmonySailor Jupiter attacks her with Jupiter Thunderclap Zap but misses and blows up part of the hall! Sailor Mercury tells her to be careful as this hall is a treasure!,p> Sailor Uranus and Neptune then appear and attack with Uranus World Shaking and Neptune Deep Submerge which weakens the Heart Snatcher giving Sailor Moon the chance to use, Moon Spiral Heart Attack which reverts the Heart Snatcher back into it's violin form and expels the Daimon egg from it.

Sailor Moon S: Bad Harmony Uranus and Neptune observe the Heart Crystal and see that it's bright but not the one they're after. Sailor Neptune then tells Uranus that an artist's heart is a precious thing and that they should return it gently themselves. They both leave.

As Serena, the girls, moonkitties and Darien walk home all the girls begin to joke about how hot Darien looks in his white tuxedo and start hugging and tugging him. Serena begins to jump and scream as the girls laugh and Amara and Michelle look on from above at their innocence.

Sailor Moon S: Bad Harmony

Monster of the Day

Another unnamed Heart Snatcher. This one had the ability to release massive soundwaves that disabled and injured her targets.

Unlike all the others (just kidding) she was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

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