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Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon

Episode 103

Sailor Moon S

Hello, Sailor Mini Moon

Jap.103 "The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Soldier"

After the defeat of Kaori Night, and the promotion of Eugeal, Doctor Tomoe calls Eugeal and informs her of his new and improved Heart Snatchers that he's just invented. They're stronger and easier to control.

Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon Eugeal then informs him that using their computer at Witches 5 they've found a woman who is sure to have a Pure Heart Crystal. She immediately gets one of the Heart Snatchers in her car and departs on her first mission.

Meanwhile, Serena, Mina, Lita and Amy are excited about the new kimono festival that's happening in town tonight. Suddenly the see Raye speed past them and crash in front of a cafe. She staggers forward into the building and disappears. Serena and the girls decide to follow her and see what she's up to.

Once inside they see her talking to a girl about performing. Raye immediately begins to sense she's being watched though and turns around to look around the cafe. All Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon the girls dive behind the waitress and humorously avoid Raye's view.

As Raye gets more and more crazy though and the girls attempt to avoid her searching the craziness ends up resulting in the waitress on the floor and a cup of hot coffee on Raye's head.

After her friend, Maya leaves, Raye explains to everyone that Maya's a professional taiko drum player and that she's been asking for Raye's help to help her calm her nerves before a performance, particularly for tonight's performance at the festival. All the girls offer to help so Raye says that she can get them free entry... but they have to help out.

That night, Serena and the others, dressed in their yukatas (summer kimonos) begin their work at the Japanese fishing game. Several boys, trying to act tough tell Mina that Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon they need no help with their so Mina taps the paper rackets, weakening them before giving them to the boys. Naturally all the rackets break and the boys are unable to capture any fish.

Amara and Michelle then show up have a go. Naturally Amara is great at the game and captures several fish.

As they leave, Serena looks into the water and is shocked to see what looked like Luna P reflected behind her. When she turns around though, there's nothing there.

Not satisfied, Serena goes for a walk around the festival and sees Raye spying on Maya's practising. Raye explains that Maya's world famous but lately she's been Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon getting so nervous that she may not be able to play anymore.

Suddenly Eugeal arrives in her car and makes an announcement for Maya to get her to come out into the open. It works and Eugeal summons her first Heart Snatcher, Sawyer to appear and attack. She zaps Maya, making her pass out and her Heart Crystal appear but Uranus and Neptune arrive and take it from her. Fortunately for Maya the crystal isn't a Pure Heart Crystal and they return it to her body.

Eugeal, disappointed drives away and leaves Sawyer to deal with the Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune leave also, letting Moon and Mars deal with their own problem. Sawyer quickly blasts Sailor Moon and Mars with her firework attacks and encases them in drums.

Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon Just when all seems lost, a small voice demands the Heart Snatcher to stop. Sailor Moon and Mars recognise the voice and look around for where it came from.

On the horizon a small pink Sailor Scout stands. It's Rini, back from the future! She announces that she's the Scout of the future, Sailor Mini Moon! She then raises her Pink Moon Stick and attacks with her first attack, Pink Sugar Heart Attack.... but it doesn't work!

Sawyer trips her over, not intimidated at all by the small Sailor Scout. Sailor Mini Moon decides to try again and after a while, Pink Sugar Heart Attack works and hits Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon Sawyer, not really damaging her but distracting her enough for Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon to free themselves.

Sailor Moon then uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to destroy the Heart Snatcher.

Later on Rini joins the others watching Maya perform in the festival.

Amara and Michelle see her and ask if she's Serena's sister. They both shake their heads and Serena tells them that Rini's her cousin. Rini then tells Serena that her parents sent her here for training. Serena isn't happy about this at all.

Sailor Moon S: Hello, Sailor Mini Moon

Monster of the Day

Sawyer was the first in the next generation of Heart Snatchers made by Doctor Tomoe. Just a little bit more powerful and armed with massive fireworks projectile attacks and drums she used to restrain Sailor Moon and Mars.

After being distracted by the arrival of Sailor Mini Moon, Sawyer was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

This episode featured the first appearance of the Witches 5 room as well as several Witches, Petorol (you can tell by the side of the head the ponytail is on), Mimet, Tellu and Biruit though all of them were seen in shadow only.

Rini appeared for the first time as Sailor Mini Moon in this episode.

Sailor Mini Moon's first attack, Pink Sugar Heart Attack was seen for the first time in this episode.

This episode marked the first appearance of the "new and improved Heart Snatchers". Previously a Daimon pod / egg was used to transform an object into a Heart Snatcher but with the advances in technology, a Heart Snatcher could be created by simply placing objects in a kind of Heart Snatcher oven. These new Heart Snatchers when defeated would expel the Daimon egg from the object like before and a similar black ghostly image would appear.

Despite all the references to "kimonos" in the episode, everyone was actually wearing "yukatas" which is a more casual summer version of a kimono and much more common in Japan. All the games seen at the festival such as the fish game are also very popular in Japan and are staple games for a Summer festival.

The park featured in this episode is actually a real world location in Azabu Juban in Tokyo and is used several times throughout the Sailor Moon anime. For more information on this park, check out the Sailor Moon Travel Guide.

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