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Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People

Episode 105

Sailor Moon S

People Who Need People

Jap.105 "Wanting More Power! Maka-Chan's Lost Path"

Lita is running through a forest, frustrated over a recent battle. As she runs she recalls how a Heart Snatcher easily deflected her Jupiter Thunderclap Zap attack yet Sailor Moon easily defeated it with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People Back in Tokyo, Serena gets a letter from Lita that explains that she's taken a break up in a mountain retreat. Looking at the address, Serena notices that her location is right near the hotel where Darien is working part time! She then tells the girls that they should all go and support Lita, carefully not telling them about her secret agenda to see Darien.

Meanwhile Eugeal has targeted the man Lita is training with in the mountains and goes to tell Doctor Tomoe. Tomoe is pleased with her and then tells her that she will know the correct Heart Crystals when she sees them as they will transform into their true forms, a sword, a mirror and a gem. He goes on to explain that when they're all together in the same place the Purity Chalice will appear.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People Eugeal, excited, heads out in her car, exiting out of a river and startling nearby onlookers.

On the train to visit Lita, the girls all enjoy eating their lunches. Luna and Artemis who had been thrown inside their bags poke their heads out and ask for some food. Serena and Mina give them some to keep them happy.

When they arrive, Luna spills the beans about Serena just wanting to come to see Darien. The girls are all very angry at her and Serena apologises. Eventually they all make their way to where Lita is and surprise her with their visit. As they're talking the man who has been training Lita runs up the stairs and jumps over them. Lita tells them who he is and then goes to join him under a freezing waterfall.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People That night, all the girls begin a massive pillow fight. After they fall asleep, Lita sneaks outside and thinks to herself how lucky she is to have such good friends who would come all this way to check on her but that right now she needs to sort through things by herself.

The next day Serena, Amy, Raye and Mina decide to relax by the pool at the hotel. They spot Darien but he can't join them due to all the work he has to do.

The girls then see some boys checking them out and start to pose for them but they're soon distracted by the buffet that has just opened and walk away from them much to the girl's frustration.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People They then see Michelle and Amara and go to say hi.

Lita meanwhile is meditating with her master when she realises that he's not meditating at all! he's actually fallen asleep. She wakes him up and the two laugh.

Eugeal then appears though and zaps him. Lita, getting out of the way first, transforms into Sailor Jupiter. Serena who had come to see Lita transforms into Sailor Moon and joins her. Sailor Uranus and Neptune appear and check the crystal but return it to the man as it's not one of the ones they're after and leave.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People Sailor Mars, Mercury and Venus arrive and join in the fight but they're all eventually caught by the Heart Snatcher's tentacles and zapped. Combining their powers they manage to summon a massive energy field that breaks them free.

Sailor Moon begins to attack with Moon Spiral Heart Attack but before she can finish the attack her Heart Moon Wand is knocked out of her hand.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People Sailor Jupiter the steps up and thinking of the man who had taught her so much, summons all of her power and attacks with a Jupiter Thunderclap Zap that defeats the Heart Snatcher and returns it to it's original form.

The next day as Lita and the girls are on the train home they see the man who had been training Lita waving at them. Lita waves back.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People

Monster of the Day

Surprisingly this episode featured two Monsters of the Day. The first one whose name was never given is shown in a flashback within the episode's opening minutes. It appeared very strong and deflected Sailor Jupiter's attack.

After a heated battle it was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Sailor Moon S: People Who Need People

Monster of the Day

The second Monster of the Day appeared in the present and had some cool attacks such as pin throwing, disk projectiles, tentacles to capture people as well as some electric attacks!

Surprisingly it was defeated by Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunderclap Zap.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Jupiter managed to defeat a Heart Snatcher all on her own without the help of Sailor Moon! Way to go Sailor Jupiter!

The three talisman's true forms, that of a sword, mirror and gem were revealed in this episode for the first time as was the true form of the Purity Chalice. These revelations took place during an explanation by Doctor Tomoe however and didn't actually appear for real.

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