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Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness

Episode 100

Sailor Moon S

Individual Happiness

Jap.100 "Retire From the Sailor Soldiers!? Minako's Concerns"

Mina's having a pretty frustrating day at her school. Everyone seems to be in a relationship of some kind and Mina begins to get frustrated over the fact that she's Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness still single.

After meeting Artemis after class, they run into Jamie, an old friend of Mina's she used to play volleyball with before she went to England. They're both very happy to see each other.

Jamie asks Mina why she didn't pick up volleyball again after she came back to Japan but Mina doesn't know how to answer as the reason is obviously due to the fact that she's a Sailor Scout.

Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness Elsewhere in a dark place, Doctor Tomoe and Kaori Night discuss what kind of person they should target next and decide on a person who is dedicated to his sport. Tomoe gives Kaori a new Daimon egg and sends her on her way.

Later that day, Jamie decides to walk with Mina after school. They both begin to talk about dating and Jamie says that he's interested in Mina but has decided only to date people who play volleyball.

Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness That afternoon as all the girls are studying at Raye's Mina can't seem to focus on her work and begins to rave about all the Sailor V merchandise that's for sale before lying down and wandering aloud if she should quit the Sailor Scouts. She then excuses herself and leaves. Artemis tries to follow her but Lita and Luna stop him and explain that she needs some time alone.

Mina heads over to the Crown Arcade to play some racing but still can't focus and crashes her car. Amara sees her and says hi and the two go for a walk. Mina asks Amara about social sacrifices she's made for her career and Amara tells her that she doesn't have as much time as she likes to socialise but Michelle and her other friends understand this and love her for it.

Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness Mina then decides to drop by the school and watch Jamie practice but is shocked when she sees another schoolgirl kiss him and confirm that they have a date later on. After she leaves, one of the balls transform into a Hear Snatcher! She calls all the other girls on her communicator and transforms into Sailor Venus.

She attacks the Heart Snatcher with Venus Love Chain Encircle but is caught in a net attack and Jamie has his Heart Crystal stolen.

Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness Serena who had just arrived, transforms into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, Mercury and Jupiter soon arrive and join her and free Sailor Venus.

The Heart Snatcher then encases the Heart Crystal in a pink energy field and throws it at the Sailor Scouts like a turbo volleyball!

Eventually Sailor Venus saves the Heart Crystal by performing her signature hit. Jamie, still semi concious recognises this move and realises that Sailor Venus is Mina! Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness She returns the crystal to him, Sailor Moon destroys the Heart Snatcher with Moon Spiral Heart Attack and they all leave.

Later that day, Jamie sees Mina and tells her that if she sees Sailor Venus could she say thank you for him. Mina realises that he must know her secret identity but simply says that she'll pass on the message and leaves.

As she leaves, a bouquet of flowers falls out of a tree. As she looks up she sees Artemis who asks her if she wants to go to the dance with him. Mina smiles.

Sailor Moon S: Individual Happiness

Monster of the Day

A cool Monster if the Day, this one had some cool powers such as the energy net throwing projectile and the ability to encase the Heart Crystal in an energy field which she could control with her mind.

Eventually she was defeated by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Interesting Facts

This was the 100th episode of the Sailor Moon anime! Interestingly it focused on the first Sailor Scout who started it all, Sailor Venus and featured quite a few Sailor V references.

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